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Planning application types

There are forms for each different type of application. The types of planning applications are list below:

  • Householder planning consent: for when you need to make alterations or extensions to your house.

  • Full planning consent: For when you require planning permission to carry out certain changes of use of, or works and operations to, land or buildings which have not followed the outline and reserved matters procedure below.

  • Outline planning consent: If you would like us to consider the principle of a proposal, including matters such as siting, design, external appearance, means of access and landscaping, before detailed drawings are prepared. A granted reserved matters application will be required before development can commence.

  • Reserved matters: If you wish to obtain approval of any matters not considered under an outline planning application, once the detail of a proposal is available. A granted outline planning permission will be required before consideration of reserved matters.

  • Non-material amendment following a grant of planning permission: For when you wish to make a non-material amendment to a previously approved planning application.

  • Removal/variation of conditions: For when you wish to make an application for the removal or variation of a condition following the grant of planning permission or listed building consent.

  • Listed building and conservation area consent: If you require consent to alter a listed building or for the demolition of certain buildings, walls and other means of enclosure in a conservation area.

  • Notice of Intention for Agriculture or Forestry Development: To be completed for certain types of agricultural and forestry development - if you are uncertain whether the proposal would qualify for a notice of intention application, please contact Development Control. Please note that some forms of agricultural and forestry development will require a Full Planning Application.

  • Advertisement consent: Required for certain types of advertisement, including posters and notices, boards and placards, fascia and projecting signs, flags and traffic signs.

  • Lawfulness Development Certificate: Required to regularise development that does not benefit from the necessary planning permission.

For further information

If you have any further queries about planning application types, a duty planning officer is available from Monday to Friday, 10am to 1pm. You can contact the duty planning officer by telephone on 01768 817817, or in person at Mansion House.

See Development Management contact details to speak to a specific officer.

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