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Eden District Council

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Search your area for planning and building applications, for your recycling collection calendar, for your blue refuse bag collection day, for the name of your councillor and much more.

How to search your area

  1. To use your area enter your postcode into the box below the map.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass next to it.
  3. Find your address, you may need to click 'next' if there are a few addresses with the same postcode.
  4. Click on your address.

You will see details for your property and available services in your area.

Part of Eden Local Plan cover with E representing the river Eden.

Eden Local Plan further main modifications consultation

Eden Local Plan further main modifications is a brief series changes to the Eden Local Plan which are out for consultation until Wednesday, 24 January 2018.

Vote being put into a ballot box

Hartside District Ward By-Election

The District by-election for the Hartside Ward will take place on Thursday 8 February 2018.