Langwathby Parish Neighbourhood Planning Area

Stage one - Neighbourhood Area Designation

The first stage when a community wants to carry out any form of Neighbourhood Planning is to name the 'Neighbourhood Area' which it will cover. We received a Neighbourhood Area application from Langwathby Parish Council on 27 May 2014. After a six-week consultation period we named the area on 17 July 2014. Langwathby Parish Council now has the right to produce their own Neighbourhood Plan, or Neighbourhood Development Orders.

Pre-Submission Consultation Draft

Before submitting their Plan, Langwathby Parish Council carried out the formal six-week consultation on the proposed final draft. This consultation finished on 24 November 2014.

Stage two - Neighbourhood Plan publication and consultation

Langwathby Parish Council submitted their Neighbourhood Plan proposal for formal consultation. The consultation period ran for a period of six weeks. The purpose of this stage was to allow interested parties to comment on the draft, with these comments forwarded on to an independent examiner who will review the draft Plan before recommending whether it should proceed to the referendum stage. If the Plan meets the 'basic conditions', there will be a referendum of voters in Langwathby Parish for a decision.

The consultation closed on Monday, 10 August 2015.

View the Plan at Penrith Town Hall and Penrith Library.

Comment on the Langwathby Neighbourhood Plan:

Any representation may include a request of the local planning authority's decision under Regulation 19 in relation to the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Langwathby Neighbourhood Plan 2015-2032 Public Consultation (August – September 2017)

The Langwathby Neighbourhood Plan 2015-2032 was open for public consultation (under Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012) for a period of six weeks. The purpose of the consultation was to bring revisions in the Plan proposal to the attention of people who live, work or carry out business in the neighbourhood area to seek comments on the proposed draft policies. The geographical area covered by the Plan (the ‘Neighbourhood Area’) is the same as the Langwathby Parish boundary and includes the villages of Langwathby and Edenhall, and all surrounding countryside within the Parish. The consultation closed on Friday, 29 September 2017.

View a copy of the Langwathby Parish Council website (Neighbourhood Plan)

View a copy of the Langwathby Neighbourhood Plan 2015-2032 (PDF: 1.35Mb / 16 pages)

Paper copies are available for inspection at:

Email: to submit comments on the Plan.

Following this stage of consultation, the Parish Council will consider any comments received and decide whether, or not, it needs amendments made to the Plan before submitting it to us. We will publicise the Plan for a further six-week period (under Regulation 16) and arrangements made for the independent examination of the Plan. If the examiner approves the Plan, it will then be put to a local referendum. Once adopted, the Langwathby Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the statutory Local Development Plan for Eden and will constitute a material consideration in future planning matters in the Langwathby Parish area.

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