Bolton Parish Neighbourhood Area Planning Area

February 2019: Eden District Council understands that Bolton Parish Council does not wish to progress its Neighbourhood Development Plan at the present time.

Stage two - Neighbourhood Plan Publication and Consultation

Bolton Parish Council has submitted their Neighbourhood Plan for formal consultation. The consultation period took place between 6 June 2016 and 25 July 2016. The purpose of this stage of consultation was to allow interested parties to comment on the draft Plan, with these comments forwarded to an independent Examiner. The Examiner will then review the draft Plan and provide a recommendation as to whether it should proceed to the referendum stage.

The draft Plan will pass to referendum if it meets all the "basic conditions". All voters within Bolton parish will be asked to vote on whether the Plan should be "made".

The consultation closed at 5pm on Monday 25 July 2016.

Stage one - Neighbourhood Area Designation

The first stage in developing a neighbourhood plan is to designate the 'neighbourhood area' which it will cover. A Neighbourhood Area application was received from Bolton Parish Council on 4 November 2013. After a six-week consultation period we designated the area on 11 February 2014. They now have the right to produce their own neighbourhood plan or neighbourhood development orders.

Last updated: Wednesday, 10 March, 2021.