Eden Strategic Flood Risk Assessment June 2020

In September 2019 the Council Executive agreed to undertake an early review of the Eden Local Plan. In support of this we have commissioned a key evidence-based document - a Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA).

The SFRA uses up-to-date flood risk and planning policy guidance available in:

  • the revised National planning policy framework 2019; and
  • Flood Risk and Coastal Change Planning Practice Guidance

The SFRA makes a series of five strategic recommendations. It provides detailed flood risk information across Eden District. We used the latest available flood risk information to screen 93 sites. These primarily residential sites came from two sources:

  • allocated residential and employment sites within the Eden Local Plan 2014-2032; and
  • Penrith Strategic Masterplan (PSM)

Penrith Strategic Masterplan has no relevance in current decisions and plan making. A public engagement exercise on the Masterplan took place in November 2018. The results of this were acknowledged and concluded in April 2019.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment documents:

The SFRA in June 2020 supersedes the 2015 level 1 SFRA. This was a supporting evidence base document to the Eden Local Plan 2014-2032: EB029 - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2015 and Appendices.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.