Overview including LDS, SCI and IDP

Overview of the Eden Local Plan Review and Partial Review

The Eden Local Plan (2014 – 2032) was adopted in October 2018. In September 2019 the Council’s Executive took the decision to commence a full review of the Eden Local Plan to ensure it had closer links with the administration’s Strategic Objectives which are set out in the Corporate Plan. In particular the aim was to align the Eden Local Plan as far as possible to Eden District Council’s Declaration of a Climate and Biodiversity emergency in July 2019. The Council also aims to become carbon neutral by 2030. This is an ambitious but necessary target in order to tackle climate change and help protect biodiversity.

While evidence was being gathered and commissioned in relation to the Full Review of the Eden Local Plan, the government published its consultation on the Planning White Paper Planning for the Future on GOV.UK. In view of the significant changes it proposes to legislation concerning the production of Local Plans, as well as separate proposals relating to potential local government reorganisation within Cumbria, the Council considered both of these could have a significant effect on the agreed approach to the Local Plan review – in terms of content and timescales. In April 2021 a decision was therefore taken to prioritise a partial review of the Local Plan instead in order to consider climate change and design matters.

The Council is keen to complete the partial review and adopt the new policies, in as short a timescale as possible, so as to start making a difference as soon as possible in guiding new development. This will enable the Council to make a positive impact on the sustainable future of Eden District. With that in mind it is necessary to keep the scope of the new policies narrow and the content of the policies focused on key priorities. This means the Partial Review will not cover all planning policy matters relating to climate change and design.

We are still progressing with the full review and commissioning/preparing evidence base documents to support this (such as the Strategic Housing and Economic Needs Assessment and a Settlement Study) but not quite at the same pace as initially anticipated. The timetable for the preparation of both the partial review and full review is set out within the Council’s Local Development Scheme (PDF 491Kb / 20 pages).

Details about who we will consult with, and how, as part of the preparation of the Full and Partial Review of the Local Plan are set out within the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement (PDF: 414Kb / 21 pages).

It will also be necessary to review and update the Council’s Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) as part of the full review of the Local Plan. The purpose of an IDP is: to assess existing infrastructure provision; consider what new infrastructure needs will arise as a result of new development being planned for; and to determine how those needs will be met and by whom. The most recent Infrastructure Delivery Plan (PDF: 1.5Mb / 73 pages) was prepared to support the delivery and implementation of the adopted Eden Local Plan.

It should be noted that both the partial and full review of the Eden Local Plan will only affect the areas in Eden outside of the Lake District National Park and the Yorkshire Dales National Park. This is because Eden District Council is not the planning authority for the parts of Eden that fall within the National Parks. View a map showing the area covered by the Eden Local Plan partial and full review (209Kb / 1 page).

Last updated: Monday, 2 August, 2021.