Caravan site licences

The Environmental Services Section is responsible for the issuing of caravan site licences, once land has obtained planning permission. You must make an application to us for a caravan site licence:

Download the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 - application for a site licence (PDF: 106Kb / 3 pages) (excluding residential caravan sites).

Printed copies of the above form are available from the Mansion House, Penrith. If you want to apply for a residential caravan site licence, please contact the Food, Health and Safety Team, who will explain what you need to do. The licence will contain conditions relating to health and safety, facilities and fire safety. There are different sets of model conditions that we may attach to site licences, depending on the type of caravans stationed on the site, they are:

Caravan site licence fees

Caravan site licence fees are payable for certain residential sites classed as relevant protected sites under the Mobile Homes Act 2013. These fees are payable from 1 September 2014.

  • application for a new site licence
  • the annual site inspection (fee charged per pitch)
  • transfer of licence
  • amendment of licence conditions
  • depositing site rules with the Council

The fees apply to sites which are purely residential and also to sites which are for mixed holiday and residential use. However, the annual charge per pitch applies only to the residential units.

Public register of deposited site rules

Site rules are different to site licence conditions and are put in place by the owner of a site to ensure acceptable standards are maintained which will be of benefit to occupiers or will promote community cohesion on the site.

Owners of mobile homes sites had until February 2015 to deposit site rules with the local authority. Once submitted site rules were published here.

Deposited site rules


We undertake regular inspections of all licensed caravan sites within Eden.

In addition to the need to obtain a caravan or campsite licence, site operators must comply with relevant health and safety legislation. We enforce health and safety on caravan and camping sites, usually our Environmental Health Department, but in some instances, may be enforced by the Health and Safety Executive, including caravan and campsites located on working farms.

Health and safety checklist for caravan and campsite operators

See the Health and Safety Checklist for Caravan and Campsite Operators, which may be useful when carrying out your site risk assessment or assessment review. It also contains links under each topic area to more detailed information.

Dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning from barbeques

Read barbecue safety for campers and caravanners to find out more about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning from barbeques.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.