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Council policy and strategy documents

Our policies, strategies, plans and other important documents are listed below. If you cannot see the document you are looking for, please try the search.
Warning: Some of the documents below are large files and may take a long time to download (an indication of size is given)

Document Description Published Web page Category
Access to Information Policy The Access to Information Policy (PDF 293Kb / 14 pages) sets out our approach to Freedom of Information, Environmental Information Regulations and Data Protection (Subject Access Requests). 6 June 2017 Requesting information Policy
Air quality strategy This Air Quality Strategy (PDF: 725Kb / 66 pages) sets out the our obligations under Part 4 of the Environment Act 1995. 1 June 2003 Air quality Strategy
Anti-fraud, theft, bribery and corruption strategy and response plan The Anti-Fraud, Theft, Bribery and Corruption Strategy and Response Plan 2017 (PDF: 622Kb / 23 pages) sets out our overall policy in respect of fraud, theft, bribery and corruption. It clearly shows that the we are committed to preventing and detecting fraud, theft, bribery and corruption, and, where necessary, pursuing allegations of fraud, theft, bribery and corruption. 22  September 2017   Strategy
Asset management plan The Asset Management Plan 2014-2017 (PDF: 1.1Mb / 35 pages) sets out how the we will manage our limited assets. 23 February 2015   Plan
Business continuity plan (BCP) In the event of a major business interruption at either of our main sites in Penrith, it is our priority to maintain services to the public. The Business Continuity Plan (PDF: 5016Kb / 11 pages) is an important tool in meeting this objective. 11 April 2017 Business continuity planning Plan
Confidential reporting code This Confidential Reporting Code (PDF: 281Kb / 9 pages) is intended to encourage and enable employees to raise serious concerns in an appropriate way within the Council. 29 September 2016   Other
Corporate complaints and compliments policy This policy sets out how a customer can complain, compliment or make a suggestion to the Council. Read the Corporate complaints and compliments policy (PDF: 136Kb / 11 pages). 1 March 2017 Corporate complaints procedure Other
Management of conservation areas SPD This Management of Conservation Areas SPD (PDF: 2.07Mb / 32 pages) sets out our approach to managing conservation areas in Eden outside of the Lake District National Park. The document includes generic guidance for all conservation areas as well as issues for individual specific conservation areas. We will use this SPD in the determination of planning applications within conservation areas as well as to inform the management of our many town centres and villages designated as conservation areas. 24 March 2011 Management of Conservation Areas SPD Other
Consultation Policy and Programme This Consultation Policy and Programme (PDF: 187 Kb / 12 pages) has been produced to help the Council plan and carry out efficient and effective engagement, participation and consultation exercises with stakeholders. 14 September 2017 Community Engagement and Consultation Strategy
Contaminated land inspection strategy Under relevant legislation, the Council is required to inspect land in the District for the purpose of identifying contaminated land. This Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy (PDF: 1.45Mb / pages) explains how the Council will carry out its duties. 1 June 2007 Contaminated Land Strategy Strategy
Core strategy development plan document The Core Strategy Development Plan Document (PDF: 3Mb / 96 pages) is the first Development Plan Document intended to replace the old Eden Local Plan. It is the central document of the Local Development Framework and sets out the vision, aims and strategy for spatial development in Eden District up to 2025 and beyond. It provides the framework for the formulation of the more detailed generic and site specific policies. 31 March 2010 Core Strategy Development Plan Document (DPD) Strategy
Council Plan The Council Plan 2015-2019 (PDF: 1Mb / 16 pages was approved and adopted at a meeting of Council on Thursday 17 September 2015 following a period of wide consultation. It is the Council's main policy document and directs everything we do.

It is monitored every six months to ensure good progress is being made.

For a poster summary showing a selection of some of the main objectives in the Council Plan see Council Plan 2015-2019 poster (PDF: 631Kb / 1 page)

17 September 2015 Council Plan 2015-2019 Plan
Data Protection Policy This Data Protection Policy (PDF 257Kb / 8 pages) sets out the Council’s approach to data protection and compliance with good information handling practice. 6 June 2017 Data Protection Policy Policy
Data Quality Statement The Data Quality Statement (PDF: 369 Kb / 5 pages) sets out our policy towards data quality. 15 March 2016 Data Quality Policy
Eden Local Plan 1996 The Eden Local Plan 1996 (PDF: 686Kb / 109 pages) is a document Eden District Council is charged with preparing under statutory obligations which covers the whole of the area for which it is planning authority. 1 December 1996 Eden Local Plan 1996 Plan
Efficiency and value for money policy The Efficiency and Value for Money Policy (PDF: 463Kb / 10 pages) objectives are to identify the principles of VFM and to ensure that these principles are reflected in the Council’s service planning and delivery. 14 April 2017 Efficiency and Value for Money Policy
Empty property loan assistance policy Empty Property Loan Assistance Policy (PDF: 133Kb / 4 pages) 20 December 2014 Empty Properties Policy
Empty property strategy The Empty Property Strategy - Revised 2010 (PDF: 161Kb / 17 pages) spells out the help that we can offer to property owners. It emphasises that we would rather work with property owners but may resort to enforcement measures to bring the properties back into to use or to combat any nuisance arising from them. 12 December 2011 Empty Properties Strategy
Filming, photography, recording and use of social networking at council meetings policy The Filming, Photography, Recording and use of Social Networking at Council Meetings Policy (PDF: 256 / 4 pages) was approved and adopted at a meeting of Council on 19 February 2015. It contains a set of rules which must be observed when recording and reporting on meetings of Council, Executive, Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board and Scrutiny Committees and Planning and Licensing Committees. 19 February 2015   Policy
Food safety enforcement policy The Food Safety Enforcement Policy (PDF: 132Kb / 16 pages) main aim is to ensure a consistent approach to food related enforcement within the District. 18 February 2016   Policy
Food service plan This Food Service Plan 2016-2017 (PDF: 419Kb / 36 pages) sets out the measures we will implement to safeguard food and drink which is produced, prepared or sold within the district. 01 August 2016   Plan
General fund reserves policy As part of determining the our budget requirement, the Director of Finance is required by regulation to assess the adequacy of the our reserves. In making this assessment, the Policy on General Fund Reserves (PDF: 3471Kb / 7 pages) will be used. 14 October 2016 Policy on General Fund Reserves Policy
Health and safety service plan This Health and Safety Service Plan 2014-2015 (PDF: 447Kb / 22 pages) sets out how we will deliver its health and safety service and contribute to current HSE priorities, local, regional and national targets. 1 September 2014   Plan
Private sector housing enforcement policy The Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy (PDF: 278Kb / 13 pages) details what action the Council could take to ensure a property is brought up to standard. 13 January 2009   Policy
Cumbria housing strategy As a member of the Cumbria Housing Executive Group we have worked in partnership with the 5 other District Councils, Lake District National Park, Cumbria, County Council, Registered Providers' (housing associations) representatives and the Chair of the Housing Forum to produce the Cumbria Housing Strategy (PDF: 987Kb / 30 pages). 1 October 2011   Strategy
Housing supplementary planning document The Housing Supplementary Planning Document (Adobe PDF: 728Kb / 68 pages) Housing Supplementary Planning Document (Adobe PDF: 1.24Mb / 69 pages) purpose is to create a positive approach to delivering affordable housing to meet local needs particularly in rural areas. The document aims to increase the potential sources of supply of affordable housing across the whole of Eden District that lies outside the Lake District National Park. The Council will use this SPD to determine planning applications. 2 November 2010 Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) Other
Information Governance Framework The Information Governance Framework 2016 (PDF: 321Kb / pages) was approved and adopted at a meeting of Executive on 4 October 2016. Information Governance is a term used to describe how organisations, including local authorities ensure that statutory, regulatory and best practice requirements are met when they collect, store, use and share information in their possession. The Information Governance Framework provides the Council with a coherent structure to ensure that legal and best practice standards are met and continuously assessed. 4 October 2016   Policy
Information Technology Services Plan 2017-2018

The Information Technology Services Plan 2017-2018 (PDF: 772Kb / 33 pages) describes the Shared IT Service between Eden District Council and South Lakeland District Council. The Shared IT Service is a corporate resource delivering much needed services to all areas of Council activity. To help services deliver their respective priorities, it is vital that IT services are delivered in a flexible efficient way, meeting the requirements of all service areas.

15 March 2017   Plan
Internal audit annual plan The Internal Audit Annual Plan 2016-2017 (PDF: 332Kb / 7 pages) key objective is to ensure that we have an on-going verification process that can confirm that it has a sound system of internal control, especially in relation to financial, IT and governance systems. 30 June 2016 Internal Audit Strategy
Internet and Email Acceptable Use Policy This Internet and Email Acceptable Use Policy (PDF: 56Kb / 4 pages) sets out what we consider to be the acceptable use of the our internet and email facilities. 06 April 2010   Policy
Licensing Enforcement and Inspection Policy The Licensing Enforcement and Inspection Policy (PDF: 64Kb / 9 pages) purpose is to set out what licensees and others can expect from principles and policies which deal with any enforcement and inspection undertaken by the Licensing Section. 1 September 2010 Licensing Enforcement and Inspection Policy Policy
Procurement Strategy The Procurement Strategy 2017 (PDF: 494Kb / 18 pages) provides a framework for the Council to obtain best value in all its procurement activities. 21 April 2017 Procurement Strategy
Risk Management Strategy The key aims of the Risk Management Strategy 2017 (PDF: 637b / 9 pages) are to provide members of the public and employees with a safe and secure environment and to protect our assets, including our image. 26 May 2017   Strategy
Sandbag policy Our Sandbag policy for sandbagging is to prevent or contain floodwaters from rivers or groundwater. The sole responsibility for protection of private property in the event of a flood lies with individual owners and not the District Council or any other Agency. 19 May 2016 Sandbag policy Policy
Smokefree enforcement policy The Smokefree enforcement policy (PDF: 305Kb / 17 pages) outlines a common approach to the enforcement of smokefree legislation which has been agreed by all the local authorities in Cumbria. It lays down the principles which will be followed when deciding upon and taking enforcement action. 13 September 2007   Policy
Treasury Management Practices Document The Treasury Management Practices Systems Document (February 2017) (PDF: 483 Kb /30 pages)  governs the way we manage our investments. 17 February 2017   Strategy
Unacceptable behaviour policy This policy sets out our approach to dealing with unacceptable behaviour by service users and members of the public. Read the Unacceptable behaviour policy (PDF: 126 Kb / 10 pages). 1 May 2015   Policy
Web Accessibility Policy The Web Accessibility Policy (PDF: 287Kb / 4 pages) describes how we aim to ensure our website is accessible to everyone. 30 September 2014   Policy