Parish and parish ward results 2019

I, the undersigned, being the Returning Officer at the elections held on Thursday 2 May 2019, do hereby give notice that the number of votes cast for each candidate at the election is as follows and the candidates marked have been duly elected as Councillors for the said wards:

Melmerby Parish Council

Electorate: 183 Ballot papers issued: 115 Ballot papers rejected: 0 Turnout: 63%

Election results for Melmerby Parish Council
Candidate Votes Elected
Bardsley, David 79 E
Beaumont, Ruth 55 E
Fletcher, Gary John 69 E
Jones, Chris 79 E
Jones, Marjorie 49 E
Mark, Rita Margaret 43  
Ricketts, Ruth 42  
Orchard, Rob 44  

Alston (Alston) Parish ward

Electorate: 1084 Ballot papers issued: 551 Ballot papers rejected: 1 Turnout: 51%

Election results for Alston (Alston) Parish Ward
Candidate Votes Elected
Athey, Robert David 186 E
Glendinning, John Richard 209 E
Hanley, Michael Timothy 402 E
Harrison, Chris 279 E
Ho, Holly 285 E
Holt, Andy - Independent 231 E
Martin, Alix 231 E
McCormick, David - Independent 150  
Miller, Raymond 319 E

Penrith North Parish Ward

Electorate: 3327 Ballot papers issued: 1213 Ballot papers rejected: 2 Turnout: 37%

Election results for Penrith North Parish Ward
Candidate Votes Elected
Donald, Paul - Labour Party 451 E
Jackson, Scott Michael 451 E
Kenyon, Ron 618 E
Whipp, David 385  
Whitby, Caroline - Independent Resilient Earthearts People/Planet Care 422 E

Shap (Shap) Parish ward

Electorate: 992 Ballot papers issued: 505 Ballot papers rejected: 1 Turnout: 51%

Election results for Shap (Shap) Parish Ward
Candidate Votes Elected?
Jackson, Jean 328 E
Jones, Sean 339 E
Mallinson, David John 366 E
Moore, Lauren Mallinson 307 E
Phillips, Matthew 112  
Simpson, Arthur 349 E
Sowerby, Alan Stephen 327 E
Stirling, Emily Louise 242 E
Wilde, Kerryanne - Putting Cumbria First 139  

Uncontested parishes

All parishes not mentioned above were uncontested and all validly nominated candidates for these wards were elected unopposed.

See uncontested parish and town council 2019.

See uncontested parish wards 2019.

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