Carr House Neighbourhood Development Order result of poll

I, Matthew Neal, as the Counting Officer for Eden District Council at the Referendum held on 22 February 2018 under the Neighbourhood Planning (Referendums) Regulations 2012, do hereby give notice that the result of votes cast is as follows:

Referendum details
Description Votes
Total number eligible electorate 4,435
Total number of votes cast 1257
Number cast in favour of a "YES" 989
Number cast in favour of a "NO" 266
Turnout 28.3%

Total number of spoilt votes

Details of spoilt votes
The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows Votes
Want of Official Mark 0
Voting more times than the voter was entitled to 1
Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified 0
Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 1
Total number of spoilt votes 2

I do hereby declare that more than half of those voting have voted in favour of the Carr House Neighbourhood Development Order.

Last updated: Tuesday, 11 October, 2022.