Background to SPDs

Supplementary Planning Documents are intended to provide greater clarity and detail to the policies and proposals within Development Plan Documents. They can be produced more quickly than Development Plan Documents and are not subject to independent examination. As a result, they do not have the same status as Development Plan Documents, but are still material considerations when assessing development proposals.

Although there is not a formal requirement to undertake a Sustainability Appraisal, we may decide to produce a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) screening document. This assesses the potential implications of the Plan against environmental considerations and aims to guide the Plan away from areas of environmental sensitivity.

The Supplementary Planning Documents that have been produced for the Eden Local Development Framework to date are:

We also work in partnership with other planning authorities in Cumbria to produce Supplementary Planning Documents. These support policies and proposals in the Local Development Frameworks and will be adopted by each of the planning authorities. The following Supplementary Planning Document have been produced jointly:

For information on the progress made in producing each of these documents, please look on the relevant web page for each document.

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Last updated: Wednesday, 18 May, 2022.