Building control site inspections

The Building Regulations require that if you are carrying out building work, you must give us notice when the work has reached particular stages (see below). You can notify us by telephone, email or by using the LABC Inspection Request App.

Before work commences on site you should inform us that you are about to begin, giving us at least two days' notice. One of our surveyors will call on the commencement to introduce themselves, discuss the job, and answer any queries.

Building work notification of key stages

The following are the stages at which notification must be given (not all are relevant to all jobs):

  1. Commencement.

  2. Foundation excavation: when the foundations have been excavated and before they are concreted, an inspection must be made to ensure that the depth and make up of the ground at the base of the foundations is suitable to carry the load from the new building.

  3. Foundation constructed.

  4. Damp proof course: once the damp proof course is laid on a solid or cavity wall, an inspection is needed to ensure that it has been placed in the correct position and that it will fulfil its purpose to prevent rising damp in the building.

  5. Over site ready for concreting: (with damp-proof membrane laid if appropriate).

  6. Drains laid and visible for checking layout and construction: all drain runs laid for foul or surface water must be inspected before they are backfilled in order to ensure that they have adequate falls, are accessible, the correct capacity is provided, and that adequate protection to the pipe work is achieved.

  7. Drains backfilled: when the drainage has been covered, a supervised test to ensure a watertight system should be undertaken.

  8. Occupation.

  9. Completion of work.

The above inspections are not necessarily the only ones we will make, some jobs will require extra specific inspections, such as fire protection to a structure, and more complex/large projects may require daily visits. We will also carry out inspections to ensure that suitable materials are used and that work covered by the Building Regulations is to a reasonable standard. If necessary, we will make use of other professional expertise and testing procedures.

Local Authority Building Control inspection request apps

Part P - Electrical safety

If you are using an electrician not registered with a 'Domestic Installers Scheme', or are carrying out DIY electrical work, you must advise us at 'first fix' stage in order for an inspection to be undertaken.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.