Street parties

Street party

A street party is a social event taking part on a road, street or perhaps two streets. Street parties are usually held to commemorate significant events. Streets are hung with bunting and long trestle tables are set out, to be covered with sandwiches and cakes for the party. For more details on all aspects of street parties go to

Street meet

A street meet is a very small street party in a cul-de-sac, drive way, front garden, parking area or on private land. Find out more about street meets on the street party website.

Organising a street party or fete

Organising small, private street parties and fetes is very simple and generally does not include activities that need a licence, such as selling alcohol or providing certain types of entertainment. There is plenty of advice to be found on:

Do I need to apply to have the road closed?

Yes, please give us at minimum six week notice if you would like to close a road. For more details and to apply see road closures.

However, if you are organising a street meet you may not always need a road closure notice, please check.

Catering from home

If you are catering from home you need to follow certain guidelines to ensure you keep food safe see catering from home.


How to prepare and cook food safely on NHS website.

Outside caterers

If you are using outside caterers you need to ensure that they follow the food hygiene requirements for caterers at outdoor events.

Food safety advice

See catering for street parties and church fetes or food safety and home hygiene on NHS Choices website.

Licence for entertainment or to sell alcohol

If you want to have a pay bar or intend to provide entertainment to the wider public, or charge to raise money for your event, you will need a temporary event notice.

See the detail on organising a small public event.