Discounted sale housing scheme

We work with private developers to secure discounted sale properties on new housing developments. Discounted sale means that the properties are for sale to eligible households for a percentage of their open market value.

The discounted sale housing scheme was first launched in 2010 and was previously known as the Homeseekers’ Register. It has been set up to manage the sale and re-sale of this type of affordable housing.

The scheme seeks to ensure discounted sale properties remain within reach of households on local incomes. Unlike some other forms of affordable housing, such as shared ownership, with discounted sale properties the purchaser owns their home outright. This means no other party retains a share of the equity, but the initial price and each re-sale is subject to the same percentage discount.

Our policy and procedure framework for the buying and selling of discounted sale housing is set out in this Discounted sale housing guidance document (PDF: 496 Kb / 15 pages).

Am I eligible to buy a discounted sale property?

Discounted sale properties are for sale to eligible households for the discounted price.

The three main eligibility criteria are:

  1. Affordable housing need
    The applying household must show, in financial terms, that they need the discount in order to afford the property. To decide this, we look at a household’s circumstances, income, savings and equity in any property owned, wages and potential mortgage.

  2. Have a local connection to a particular parish or neighbouring parish
    The local connection criteria will vary depending on the location of the property.
    Read the discounted sale housing guidance document (PDF: 496 Kb / 15 pages), for a full explanation of local connection.

  3. Only property of the purchaser
    A discounted sale property must be the only home of the purchaser. If you currently own the property you live in, you are not excluded from the discounted sale scheme and can join the waiting list. However, you must show evidence to us that you have sold your property (subject to contract) before we will approve you to buy a discounted sale property.

Register to join the waiting list to buy a discounted sale property

You must be on the discounted sale waiting list before you can buy a discounted sale property.

To apply to join the discounted sale waiting list, complete one of the forms below:

Complete the online discounted sale housing registration form to apply to join the waiting list.

Download and complete the discounted sale housing registration form (PDF: 294 Kb / 7 pages), return this form to us, using the return address stated on the form, to apply to join the waiting list.

We will send you confirmation of your acceptance onto the waiting list within 10 working days of receiving the registration form. Once on the waiting list, we will send you details of properties available to buy through the scheme and how to apply for approval to buy them.

Discounted sale properties available to buy

No properties available under the scheme. 

Viewing discounted properties

For further details regarding these properties or to arrange a viewing please contact the vendor directly.

All applicants must be registered on our Homeseekers Register. If you wish to apply, please complete our application form or call our Housing Team for further details.

It is strongly advised that if you do submit an application for this property, you read the Discounted Sales Guidance (PDF: 496 / 15 pages).

Selling a discounted sale property

Before you market a discounted sale property for sale, you must first provide written notice to us of your intention to sell.

You must employ, at your own expense, an independent Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) registered surveyor to provide an open market valuation for your property.

Your chosen surveyor will need to complete their valuation using the discounted sale housing standard valuation template (Word: 89 Kb / 4 pages).

For further information on selling your discounted sale property, please contact us using the details below.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.