Kirkby Stephen Local Links

Kirkby Stephen Local links Community and Council Centre provides access to information and services from the three tiers of local government:

Having the opportunity to access all of our services under one roof is of undoubted benefit to local people.

Eden District Council services

  • Council Tax registration, billing and reduction;
  • Housing Benefit;
  • Business Rates;
  • Democratic Services;
  • Environmental Services:
    • Noise;
    • Pollution;
    • Environmental Health;
    • Pest control;
    • Community Warden service; and
    • Footway lighting
  • Housing Services;
  • Housing Associations;
  • Parking;
  • Planning Applications and Planning Policy;
  • Register of Electors;
  • Blue bag refuse collection and sale of blue refuse bags.
  • Bag and box recycling collection; and
  • Street cleansing.

You can also access various District Council policy, strategy and consultative documents, as well as committee agendas and minutes.

County Council services:

  • NoWcard (bus pass) applications;
  • Adult Education;
  • Children's Services;
  • Kirkby Stephen Household Waste Recycling Centre;
  • Democratic Services;
  • Disabled Person's car parking Blue Badges Scheme;
  • Highways and street lighting;
  • Library and Archive Services;
  • Public Rights of Way;
  • Public Transport information;
  • The Registration Service;
  • Social Services;
  • Student Support (including issuing and verifying applications for free school meals and clothing grants); and
  • Trading Standards.

County Council policy, strategy and consultative documents, as well as committee agendas and minutes, are also available for the public to view.

Kirkby Stephen Town Council services

  • Venue for monthly meetings;
  • Reporting matters of local interest or concern; and
  • Information on local issues.

See community building and rooms on the Kirkby Stephen website for details meeting rooms.

Community development

As a Community Centre, it provides community support and helps to facilitate community development. The Centre provides information and assists with queries on a range of subjects, including job search, social security benefits, health issues, local voluntary agencies and community groups and activities. Private consultations and home visits are available as appropriate. The Centre also provides public computer and internet access and access to Council websites, advice websites, health websites and for job search purposes, which is all free. The Centre manages community use of the rooms and facilities at the Local Links premises.

Works in partnership with...

The Community and Council Centre work with many different organisations, such as:

Good Neighbours scheme, which provides help and support to members of the local community is managed from the Centre.

Last updated: Wednesday, 9 February, 2022.