Blue bag refuse collection

The method of delivering replacement blue bags in Penrith changed in March 2023. These properties now receive a 6-month allocation of blue bags instead of weekly, removing the need for blue bags to be delivered on each collection. Properties included in this scheme received their first 6-monthly supply in March and the next scheduled delivery is planned to be undertaken by 4 September 2023.

Refuse collection details

We supply each household with blue bags for their household refuse. Blue bags need to be set out on the kerbside or collection point by 6am on collection days. They can be set out the night before but no earlier. When we collect the blue bags, we will leave up to two new bags (excluding Penrith) to replace the ones set out. Household refuse collections are on the same day each week. Collection days only change over the Christmas period.

If your refuse contains hot ashes, you can put them in a dustbin. The dustbin must be made of steel and have two handles. Set the dustbin on the kerb or collection point by 6am on collection days.

Use your postcode to search for your refuse collection day.

Where to set blue bags out for collection

Blue bags should be set out on the kerb or on an adopted highway where they are visible from the roadside. We will agree on collection points for new developments before we start collecting refuse. Tie blue bags securely when you set them out for collection. Bags should be set out by 6am on a collection day. They can be set out the night before but no earlier.

Why have my blue bags not been collected?

Report a blue bag missed in the refuse collection online, if your blue bags were out by 6am on the day of collection or telephone Customer Services on the number at the bottom of this page.

No replacement blue bags

Report a problem online with a blue bag collection, if you fail to receive blue bags to replace the ones you set out for collection or telephone Customer Services on the number at the bottom of this page.

A maximum of two replacement blue bags will be left providing you set out between two and five blue bags for collection. If you placed one blue bag out for collection, you will get one new blue bag in its place. If no bags are set out for collection, no replacements are left.

I am not able to carry my blue bag myself

Apply online for help with your blue bag refuse collection if you find it difficult to carry your blue bags. You can arrange for us to collect your bags from outside you home.

Need more blue bags?

Apply online for extra blue refuse bags for a large household of six or more permanent residents.

Apply online for extra blue refuse bags for absorbent hygiene products and excessive medical packaging for items such as incontinence pads, dressings and any packaging.

Buy extra blue bags

Buy more blue refuse bags online for £1.55 each. You can also buy blue bags from the following places:

If you buy more blue bags, you can only set out up to five blue bags at a time for us to collect on a collection day.

Request the collection of more than five blue refuse bags online, if you need to set out more.

Using a dustbin to protect blue bags from wildlife

If you want to use a dustbin to protect your blue bag, you must tie the top of the bag even though it is inside the bin. The bin with the bag inside will need to be on the kerb or collection point by 6am on a collection day. Before you use a dustbin, you must tell Customer Service on the telephone number at the end of this page.

Buy gull/vermin proof sacks Gull/vermin sack

Gull/vermin proof sacks with a sealable lid are available from Penrith Town Hall, Corney Square Penrith CA11 7QF, at £11 per sack. The hessian sack can hold several blue bags:

  • Please tie your blue bags before placing them in the gull/vermin proof hessian sack.
  • The sacks are only for waste contained within blue refuse bags.
  • Please close the lid on the sack.
  • Customers may wish to mark their house number on the sack.
  • Please take your sack back in as soon as possible after emptying.
  • Please place your sack out for collection by 6am.

The gull/vermin proof sack is the responsibility of the householder. We cannot accept any responsibility if lost, stolen or damaged. Replacement sacks would need to be purchased from us.

Blue bag collection changes due to a road closure

If a road closure prevents the refuse vehicle accessing your property we will attempt to collect your blue bags on your usual collection day the week after. If it is, a long-term road closure we will arrange with the organisation responsible to allow refuse collection to take place.

Moved into Eden and need blue bags?

If you are new to Eden, to get your blue refuse bags and to find out your collect day, telephone Customer Services on the number at the bottom of this page. When we collect, the blue bags you set out we will leave up to two bags to replace the ones you have used.

Apply online for blue refuse bags, if you are a new occupier or telephone Customer Services on the number at the bottom of this page.

Find out about the bag and box recycling collection, for plastics, paper, card, glass and tins.

Find out about garden waste collection, available in some areas of Eden.

New Developments

If you are moving into a property on a new development it is possible that your refuse and recycling collections may not be collected from outside your property immediately, or sometimes at all.

If a road is intended to be “adopted” by Cumbria County Council as a public highway, then our contractors will carry out kerbside collections when suitable access becomes available. Collection points will be established at the nearest possible location until this time.

If a road is not intended to be “adopted” as a public highway, then our contractors will not be able to collect kerbside. In these instances, collection points will generally be established at the nearest adopted highway on a permanent basis.

It may be useful to check with our developer for clarification with regards to the adoption status as this is considered as part of the planning process for new developments.

Find your blue refuse bag collection day

Use your postcode to search for your refuse collection day.

Which items can I not put in a blue bag?

  • Garden waste
  • rubble
  • building waste
  • bricks
  • concrete
  • vehicle batteries
  • paint cans
  • oil cans

Household waste recycling centre will accept all of the above items.

Domestic clinical waste cannot go in a blue bag

Find out about how to apply for a clinical waste collection.

How do I get rid of items too big to go in a blue bag?

Bulky household waste collection will collect unwanted items of furniture.

Electrical appliance collection will collect unwanted electrical items.

You must pay and arrange for these collections before we will collect any items.

To reduce refuse recycle or reuse

Check the recycling and waste A-Z to find out if you can recycle an item or you should put it in your blue bag.

Use Freegle to give away unwanted reusable items, advertising on Freegle is free.

To reduce the amount of refuse from blue bags, which goes into landfill, all the blue bags we collect go to a plant in Barrow in Furness to be processed. Where they remove plastic bags and cartons, which go to be part of the process to make refuse-derived fuel.

Refuse comments and complaints

Report comments and complaints about our refuse service online.

Last updated: Friday, 11 August, 2023.