Eden District Council 2022-2023 Council Tax information

The information provided on this page is for the year 2022/2023 and reflects the budget as agreed by Eden District Council in February 2022. 

Eden District Council ceased to exist on 1 April 2023 and its operations moved to the newly created Westmorland and Furness Authority.

This information is provided for historical purposes.

How Eden District Council spent the money it received

Eden District Council Budget 2022/2023
Service Areas Net Spending 2022/2023 £m
Chief Executive Directorate 1.906
Resources Directorate 3.582
Deputy Chief Executive Directorate -0.037
Communities Directorate 2.459
Delivery Directorate 2.445
Development Directorate 1.807
Base Budget Requirement 12.162
Corporate Plan Priorities 1.200
Net Expenditure 13.362
Parish Precepts 1.205
Transfer to Parish Councils – CTRS 0.015
Revenue Contribution to Capital 0.721
Capital Accounting Adjustments -0.507
Contribution from reserves -4.668
Budget Requirement 10.128
Business Rate Funding -3.555
Other Government Grants -0.012
Rural Services Delivery Grant -0.711
Lower Tier Services Grant -0.077
New Homes Bonus Grant -0.386
Council Tax Requirement 5.387

The Council Tax payable for a Band D property, in relation to Eden District Council only, was £200.75 in 2022/2023.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.