Cumbria County Council 2022-2023 Council Tax information

The information provided on this page is for the year 2022/23 and reflects the budget as agreed by the County Council on 10 February 2022. 

Cumbria County Council ceased to exist on 1 April 2023 and its operations were split between the newly created authorities of Westmorland and Furness Authority and Cumberland Authority.

This information is provided for historical purposes.

How the money is spent

How Cumbria County Council spent the money it received
How the money was spent Total Spending 2022/2023 £m Income 2022/2023 £m Net Spending 2022/2023 £m
People 668.7 (460.4) 208.3
Economy and Infrastructure 168.5 (26.5) 142.0
Fire and Rescue Services 21.6 (0.6) 21.0
Local Committees 10.9 0.0 10.9
Corporate, Customer and Community 46.7 (5.0) 41.7
Finance 40.4 (1.8) 38.6
Other Items Charged Corporately 4.5 (0.5) 4.0
Net Service Expenditure 961.3 (494.8) 466.5
Other Services (1) 29.8 0.0 29.8
Less charges for building and equipment (2) (40.8) 0.0 (40.8)
Money (taken from) / put into reserves (13.0) 0.0 (13.0)
Net Budget 937.3 (494.8) 442.5

How the spend is funded

How Cumbria County Council's spending was funded
Description 2022/2023 £m
Government Funding (159.8)
Retained share of local Business Rates (14.3)
Pooled Business Rates (3) (2.5)
Surplus or shortfall on Council Tax collection from previous years (0.1)
Amount raised from Council Tax 265.8

The tax base (4) for Cumbria County Council in 2022-23 was 173,964, giving Council Tax for a Band D property as £1,528.00

  1. Other services includes provision for inflation that will be allocated to services during the year and also includes precept payments which will be made to third parties during the year.
  2. Each service includes a depreciation charge for using buildings and equipment. These charges are also shown in the line 'Less charges for buildings and equipment' in the table above.
  3. The County Council has entered into a pooled business rates arrangements with all six Cumbrian District Councils in 2022/2023. This figure is an estimate of the benefit to the County Council of being part of the Cumbria Business Rate Pool.
  4. The 2022/2023 taxbase is different than 2021/2022 because of changes in the demand for Council Tax discounts and for changes in the number of properties liable for Council Tax in Cumbria.
Last updated: Tuesday, 4 April, 2023.