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About the Gambling Act 2005

The Gambling Act 2005 (the Act), which came into force on 1 September 2007, replaced most of the existing laws about gambling in Great Britain and aimed to put in place an improved, more comprehensive structure of gambling regulation. Its three objectives are:

  • preventing gambling from being a source of crime or disorder, being associated with crime or disorder, or being used to support crime;
  • ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way; and
  • protecting children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling.

The Gambling Commission was established as the new, independent national regulator for commercial gambling and it has a key role to play in implementation of the Act. Not only has it issued guidance for local authorities, but it also issues licences such as operating and personal licences.

Local authorities issue premises licences for bingo, betting, adult gaming centres, family entertainment centres, casinos and horse racing and dog tracks as well as issue permits for prize gaming, gaming machines in alcohol licensed premises, members clubs and unlicensed family entertainment centres. Local authorities are also responsible for the registration of small society lotteries and process occasional and temporary use notices and provisional statements.

Licensing policy

The Council is required to produce a statement of policy in relation to the exercise of its various functions under the Act and this is reviewed every 3 years. The first policy was prepared by co-operation with officers in each of the other Councils in Cumbria and was approved by the Council at its meeting on 14 December 2006. The policy was reviewed in 2009 and 2012. Consultation on a revised policy took place between 28 July 2015 and 20 October 2015. The revised policy was approved by the Council at its meeting on 3 December 2015 and has effect from 31 January 2016.

Read Notice of Publication of the Policy (PDF: 62Kb / 1 page) 

Read Gambling Act 2005 Statement of Policy (PDF: 527Kb / 43 pages)

Consultation on revised policy

The Council is currently undertaking a review of its statement of policy and the revised policy will be implemented in January 2019. As part of the review, the Council consults with a range of organisations and responsible bodies and gives residents and businesses in the Eden area the opportunity to comment on the draft policy which has been amended to reflect legislative and guidance changes from the last policy review. The consultation period runs from 3 July 2018 to 25 September 2018 and the draft policy is available below. Any comments should be submitted in writing by 25 September 2018 to the Licensing Office, Eden District Council, Town Hall, Penrith, CA11 7QF, email, using the response form below.

Consultation Response Form (Word: 39Kb / 1 page)

Draft Statement of Policy (PDF: 677Kb / 43 pages)

Further details about the Gambling Act is available from both the Gambling Commission and Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport on GOV.UK.

Application forms and fees

Application forms can be downloaded in Word and PDF format.

Details of fees are available on the Licensing Fees page on our website.

Licensing register

The Council is required by law to maintain a register containing details of various licences issued. This register can be viewed online or can be viewed at the Town Hall, Penrith during normal office hours.

View Online Licensing Register

If you notice any apparent error or omission in the register, or if you have any query about it, please contact a member of the Licensing Team.