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Christmas recycling

Real Christmas trees

Real Christmas trees can be recycled, just place them into your garden waste bin. Only trees sawn up and placed into the bin with the lid closed will be collected and recycled. Alternatively, you can recycle your real Christmas tree at either Kirkby Stephen, or Flusco, Household Waste Recycling Centres.

If you plan to compost your Christmas tree yourself, it will need to be shredded.

Garden waste, bag and box recycling collection days

Due to the Bank Holidays at this time of year, some garden waste and bag and box collection dates have been amended. Please check your recycling calendar for collection dates over the holiday period.

Lost you recycling calendar?

Recycling calendar collection dates can be found under 'refuse and recycling', by entering your postcode in the My Eden service search. Due to the amount of recycling over this festive period, additional recycling can be taken to your nearest recycling point.

If you have larger items to recycle, you can go to the nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC), either Flusco HWRC, or Kirkby Stephen HWRC.

Christmas wrapping paper and cards

Wrapping paper and the fronts of glittery or foil cards need to go into blue refuse bags. The contents of blue refuse bags is processed and laminated wrapping paper and glitter or foil card will be taken out to be processed into refuse-derived fuel.

The backs of Christmas cards providing they are made of paper can be recycled in your bag and box recycling collection.

Christmas stamps

A lot of charities collect stamps see:

These are just a few of the charities who do collect used stamps.


See our A to Z of waste for how to recycle your bottles.

Aluminium foil

Clean aluminium foil can be recycled at most recycling points.