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Memorials application

Any proposed memorial and memorial inscription work must be carried out by one of our registered Monumental Masons. We will approve most types of stone memorials for installation in our cemeteries.

Apply to register as a Monumental Mason to carry out work in one of our cemeteries.

Memorial maintenance

The responsibility for the safety and upkeep, including repairs to any gravestone or memorial, remains solely with the owner(s) of the grave. We recommend that grave owners obtain a guarantee from the Monumental Mason for all work they carry out and arrange for the Monumental Mason to check the memorial for defects every 5 years. Insurance for memorials is available from many independent insurers.

We carry out inspections of memorials and reserve the right under Health and Safety legislation to 'make safe' any defective memorials that are found.

Headstone specifications

All memorials are to be constructed and erected with ground anchors, in accordance with the current code of practice, as prepared by the National Association of Memorial Masons.

All memorials erected, or placed upon the ground, must have the corresponding grave space number placed on the side of the stone's base. The name of the supplying firm may be placed on the memorial.

Memorials are to be installed on a 36"x18" (0.92 x 0.45m) concrete flag. Grave edge kerbs are not allowed.

No headstone may be more than 1.2m (4') in height and 750mm (2'6") in width. (Double grave spaces, a maximum of 1.8m (6ft) in width).

Memorials in cremated remains rows and children's burial areas may not exceed 0.685m (2'3'') in height.

See Cemetery Regulations for details of regulations for memorials and headstones.

Additional inscription on a headstone

If an additional inscription involves the supply and fixing of a new plinth, or further section of stone, a sketch of the proposed stonework showing details is to be supplied.

Additional 'free-standing', unattached plinths, or non-fixed stonework, will not be permitted.

Memorial safety

We carry out inspections on all of the memorials in our cemeteries and the closed churchyards we maintain. Where these inspections have highlighted unstable memorials, they have been 'made safe' by either laying them flat, or supporting them with posts. We appreciate that visitors to the cemeteries may be distressed by the sight of memorials being laid flat, but we hope that people will appreciate that this was done in the interest of safety.

As the owner of the grave, you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the memorial and you must arrange for any repairs to be carried out by a registered Monumental Mason.

Apply to register as a Monumental Mason to carry out work in one of our cemeteries.

If you are the owner of a memorial that has been laid down, or supported, please contact the Bereavement Services Office.

Alternative memorial options

As an alternative to the traditional headstone memorial, other options are available,including a bronze plaque memorial, bench memorial, or the tree donation scheme.

Apply for a bronze plaque

There are two sizes of bronze plaque, a 6"x4" plaque and a 11"x7" plaque. The inscribed bronze plaque is placed on the wall within the Garden of Rest area at Penrith Cemetery. To apply for a bronze plaque, please contact the Bereavement Services Office.

Enquire about a bench memorial

For further information please email:

Enquire about the tree donation scheme

Read about the tree donation scheme for details of costs, types of trees, tree maintenance and where we plant trees.

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