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It is up to the family to keep hold of and dispose of cremated remains as they wish. If they choose to have an interment at one of our cemeteries, the details of the event are recorded in our burial records and will be available to be traced by future generations.

Where is the nearest crematorium?

There is no crematorium in the Eden District; the nearest ones are at Carlisle, Lancaster and Workington.

What types of graves are available?

There are various types of graves available to inter a casket in, or scatter cremated remains in, those being;

Garden of Rest

We offer a Garden of Rest area at Penrith Cemetery. There are two areas available in the Garden of Rest area:

  • Lawn area which is available to inter a single casket into a plot, or alternatively, cremated remains can be scattered into a plot.

  • Stone area which is available for cremated remains to be scattered on top of a stone garden.

Areas within the Garden of Rest are not available for purchase.

Half grave space

Half grave spaces are available for purchase at all of our five cemeteries. These half grave spaces will accept up to four standard sized caskets and cremated remains can also be scattered in this plot.

Full grave space

Full grave spaces can be used for full earthen burials and also cremated remains interments and scatterings.

What costs are involved?

For cremated remains costs please see Cemetery Fees and Charges.

What types of casket do we accept?

There are various materials cremated remains containers can be made from, for example; wood, wicker, cardboard, stone, metal, plastic and porcelain. However, only bio-gradable caskets are permitted for burial of ashes within our cemeteries.