We look after five cemeteries at:

  • Alston Cemetery, The Firs, Alston, Cumbria CA9 3RW
  • Appleby Cemetery, Bongate, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria CA16 6HR
  • Garrigill Cemetery, Beldy, Garrigill, Alston, Cumbria CA9 3DH
  • Nenthead Cemetery, Nenthead, Alston, Cumbria CA9 3LP
  • Penrith Cemetery, Beacon Edge, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7RZ

The Bereavement Services Office is where you should send all mail for any of the cemeteries above.

Cemetery opening times

Alston, Appleby, Garrigill, Nenthead and Penrith are open from 8am until dusk.

Cemetery records

The Bereavement Services office is where we keep all the cemetery records for Alston, Appleby, Garrigill, Nenthead and Penrith.

Contact the Bereavement Office to arrange an appointment to view the cemetery records.

Green Flag Award

Penrith cemetery holds a Green Flag Award for the eighth year in a row and Alston Cemetery holds a Green Flag Award for the fifth year in a row.

Cemetery fees and charges

See Cemetery Fees and Charges information for a breakdown of all charges.

Cemetery regulations

See Cemetery Regulations information that helps to maintain an acceptable standard for the cemeteries in Westmorland and Furness.

Last updated: Monday, 19 June, 2023.