Children's play areas

We maintain 39 play areas in Eden District. There are also other play areas managed and maintained by Parish Councils or Community Groups.

Listed below are the play areas we maintain. We inspect these regularly to ensure that they are clean and safe.

Report a problem with a play area online, to tell us of any concerns you have, with any of play areas in the list below.

Play Areas we maintain:

  • Appleby
    • Barrowmoor - open space behind Barrowmoor Road/Margaret's Way
    • Coronation Park - park adjacent to Garth Heads Road
    • King George V Field - park adjacent to Broad Close car park
    • Scattergate - Scattergate Crescent
  • Bampton - playing field opposite old school
  • Bolton - play area and ball wall, behind village hall
  • Bowscar - at far end of Council houses
  • Brough - Croft Close
  • Calthwaite - behind the school (shared Management with Community Group)
  • Cliburn - adjacent to Rectory Cottages (shared management with Community Group)
  • Clifton - adjacent to school
  • Crosby Ravensworth - behind bus shelter
  • Glenridding - playing field
  • Great Asby - at far end of village
  • Great Salkeld - near St Cuthbert's Primary School (shared management with Community Group)
  • Hackthorpe - behind the village hall (shared management with Community Group)
  • Kirkby Stephen
    • School Field - playing field adjacent to primary school
    • Westgarth - play area and ball wall, Croglam Lane
  • Kirkby Thore behind village hall
  • Kirkoswald - adjacent to playing field
  • Laithes - adjacent to first house on left (from Penrith)
  • Lazonby - Salkeld Road/Scaur Lane junction
  • Penrith
    • Carleton Heights - open space adjacent to Birch Close
    • Castle Park - park opposite Penrith Railway Station
    • Castletown - playing field, Mill Street
    • Fairhill - open space corner off Salkeld Road (shared management with Penrith Town Council)
    • Milton Street - open space adjacent to Milton Street
    • Pategill - open space off Prince Charles Close
    • Scaws - open space adjacent to Pennine Way and multi-use games area
    • Skate Park - by Penrith Leisure Centre
    • Wetheriggs - open space off corner of Clifford Road/Wetheriggs Lane
    Newton Reigny - adjacent to bridge
  • Rosgill - at bottom of village
  • Shap - adjacent to swimming pool
  • Soulby - adjacent to bridge
  • Tebay
    • Orton Road - by recreation field
    • North Terrace - alongside North Terrace
  • Threlkeld - playing field adjacent to school
  • Tirril - near Pony Trekking Centre (shared management with Community Group)
  • Warcop - on village green

How to provide a new play area

Parish Councils or voluntary groups who would like to provide or develop a play area can contact Leisure Services by email:

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