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Dangerous dogs

Snarling dogDangerous dogs are the responsibility of the police

If you want to report a dangerous dog, contact the Police on the non-emergency number, 101.

You may be required to provide the following details of the incident:

  • where and when the dog was last seen;
  • what the behaviour of the dog was (what happened);
  • a description of the dog (that is the breed, size, colour, distinguishing features);
  • any known information regarding the owner (name or address);
  • photographic evidence of any injuries sustained by the attack (or a statement from a vet).

You may also be required to provide evidence in Court should the owner be prosecuted. 

What is a dangerous dog?

A dangerous dog could be:

  • a dog attacking a person;
  • a dog attacking another dog;
  • a dog attacking another animal;
  • a specific breed of dog that is deemed to be dangerous or banned.

There is a clear difference between a dog behaving dangerously and a dog that is out in a public space without its owner, which is a stray dog.

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