Location of polling stations

The following list shows the polling stations located in each polling area.

It is important that you go to the polling station given on your poll card, as you will not be able to vote if you go to the wrong one.

Find your polling station by post code using Where do I Vote?

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Searchable list of polling stations locations
District Ward Polling District Polling Station Comments
Alston Moor Alston Alston Town Hall GC
Alston Moor Garrigill Garrigill Village Hall GD
Alston Moor Nenthead Nenthead Village Hall GF
Appleby (Appleby) Appleby (Appleby) Appleby Market Hall FA
Appleby (Bongate) Appleby (Bongate) Appleby Market Hall FB
Askham Askham Askham Community Centre HB
Askham Bampton Bampton Memorial Hall HC
Askham Barton Pooley Bridge Memorial Hall HD
Askham Lowther Lowther Parish Hall HJ
Askham Martindale Pooley Bridge Memorial Hall HK
Brough Brough Brough Memorial Hall OA
Brough Brough Sowerby Brough Memorial Hall OB
Brough Helbeck Brough Memorial Hall OE
Brough Musgrave Great Musgrave Institute OI
Brough Stainmore (North) North Stainmore Parish Hall ON
Crosby Ravensworth Asby Asby Village Hall HA
Crosby Ravensworth Bolton Bolton Memorial Hall HE
Crosby Ravensworth Crosby Ravensworth Crosby Ravensworth Village Hall HF
Crosby Ravensworth King's Meaburn King's Meaburn Village Hall HI
Dacre Dacre Dacre Village Hall MD
Dacre Great Blencowe Blencowe Village Hall ME
Dacre Newbiggin Newbiggin Village Hall MF
Dacre Stainton Stainton Village Hall MG
Eamont Clifton St Cuthberts Church - temporary change MC
Eamont Sockbridge and Tirril Tirril Reading Room MO
Eamont Yanwath and Eamont Bridge Eamont Bridge Village Hall MR
Greystoke Greystoke Greystoke Village Hall JD
Greystoke Greystoke (Johnby) Greystoke Village Hall JE
Greystoke Greystoke (Little Blencowe) Greystoke Village Hall JF
Greystoke Mungrisdale Mungrisdale Recreation Room JM
Greystoke Mungrisdale North Mungrisdale Recreation Room JN
Greystoke Threlkeld Threlkeld Village Hall JT
Hartside Blencarn and Kirkland Blencarn Recreation Room GG
Hartside Culgaith Culgaith Victoria Institute GH
Hartside Melmerby Melmerby Village Hall GR
Hartside Ousby Ousby Community Centre GS
Hartside Skirwith Skirwith Village Hall GI
Hesket Armathwaite Armathwaite Old School Hall JG
Hesket Calthwaite All Saints Church Calthwaite JI
Hesket Catterlen Newton Reigny Memorial Hall JC
Hesket Hesket Low Hesket Village Hall JH
Hesket Ivegill Ivegill Village Hall JK
Hesket Plumpton The Pot Place JJ
Hesket Southwaite Low Hesket Village Hall JL
Kirkby Stephen Hartley Kirkby Stephen Centenary Chapel Schoolroom OD
Kirkby Stephen Kaber Kaber Village Hall OF
Kirkby Stephen Kirkby Stephen Kirkby Stephen Centenary Chapel Schoolroom OG
Kirkby Stephen Mallerstang The Black Bull Public House, Nateby - temporary change OH
Kirkby Stephen Nateby Black Bull Public House, Nateby OJ
Kirkby Stephen Wharton Kirkby Stephen Centenary Chapel Schoolroom OR
Kirkby Stephen Winton Winton Village Hall OS
Kirkby Thore Brougham Eamont Bridge Village Hall - temporary change MA
Kirkby Thore Kirkby Thore Kirkby Thore Memorial Hall MI
Kirkby Thore Newbiggin Newbiggin Reading Room ML
Kirkby Thore Temple Sowerby Temple Sowerby Village Hall MP
Kirkoswald Ainstable Ainstable Church Institute GA
Kirkoswald Croglin Croglin Reading Room and Hall GB
Kirkoswald Kirkoswald Kirkoswald Church Institute GM
Kirkoswald Renwick Renwick Methodist Schoolroom GN
Kirkoswald Scarrowmanwick Croglin Reading Room and Hall GO
Langwathby Edenhall Langwathby Village Hall GP
Langwathby Glassonby and Gamblesby Gamblesby Methodist School Room GK, GJ
Langwathby Hunsonby Hunsonby Community Centre
Langwathby Langwathby Langwathby Village Hall GQ
Lazonby Great Salkeld Great Salkeld Village Hall LA
Lazonby Lazonby Lazonby Village Hall LC
Long Marton Long Marton Long Marton Institute FJ
Long Marton Crackenthorpe Long Marton Institute FF
Long Marton Dufton Dufton Village Hall FG
Long Marton Knock Long Marton Institute FI
Long Marton Bampton Long Marton Institute FH
Long Marton Milburn Milburn Village Hall FK
Morland Cliburn Cliburn Village Hall MB
Morland Great Strickland Great Strickland Parish Institute MH
Morland Little Strickland and Thrimby Great Strickland Parish Institute MJ
Morland Morland Morland and Newby Village Hall MK
Morland Newby Morland and Newby Village Hall MM
Morland Sleagill Morland and Newby Village Hall MN
Orton with Tebay Orton Orton Market Hall OK
Orton with Tebay Tebay Tebay Sports Social Club OP
Penrith Carleton Penrith Carleton Penrith Rugby Club, Winters Park KA
Penrith East Penrith East St Andrews Parish Rooms KB
Penrith North Penrith North Methodist Church Hall, Wordsworth Street, Penrith LD
Penrith North Penrith North (Rural) Methodist Church Hall, Wordsworth Street, Penrith LE
Penrith Pategill Penrith Pategill Penrith Rugby Club, Winters Park  KC
Penrith South Penrith South Penrith Cricket Club, Wetheriggs Lane NA
Penrith South Penrith South (Rural) Penrith Cricket Club, Wetheriggs Lane NB
Penrith West Penrith West Part II The Salvation Army, Hunter Lane, Penrith ND
Penrith West Penrith West Part I Castletown Community Centre NC
Ravenstonedale Crosby Garrett Crosby Garrett Village Hall OC
Ravenstonedale Ravenstonedale Newbiggin-on-Lune Methodist Church - temporary change OL
Ravenstonedale Soulby Soulby Methodist Chapel Room OM
Ravenstonedale Waitby Kirkby Stephen Centenary Chapel Schoolroom OQ
Shap Shap Shap Memorial Hall HR
Shap Shap Rural Shap Memorial Hall HQ
Skelton Hutton-in-the-Forest Hutton End Village Hall JO
Skelton Ivegill Ivegill Village Hall JP
Skelton Laithes Skelton Memorial Hall JQ
Skelton Lamonby Skelton Memorial Hall JR
Skelton Millhouse Millhouse Village Hall JA
Skelton Skelton Skelton Memorial Hall JS
Skelton Sowerby Row Millhouse Village Hall JB
Ullswater Hutton Penruddock Village Hall HH
Ullswater Matterdale Church Meeting Room, Matterdale HL
Ullswater Motherby Penruddock Village Hall HG
Ullswater Patterdale Glenridding Public Hall HP
Ullswater Watermillock Watermillock Parish Hall HO
Warcop Colby Colby Village Hall FC
Warcop Hoff Ormside Village Hall FD
Warcop Murton Murton Institute FL
Warcop Ormside Ormside Village Hall FE
Warcop Warcop Warcop Parish Hall FM
Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.