Sockbridge and Tirril Parish Council uncontested election results

I, Sam Plum, being the Returning Officer, do hereby certify that at the election of Parish Councillors for the below mentioned Parish Council, the following persons stood validly nominated at the latest time for delivery of notices of withdrawal of candidature, namely 4pm on the 28 April 2023, and have been duly elected Parish Councillors for the said Parish Councils and Parish Wards without contest.

Sockbridge and Tirril Parish Council
Name of persons elected Home address
BARNES, Gillian Elizabeth (address in Westmorland and Furness)
CHAMBERS, Ian Edmund The Bungalow, Tirril, Penrith, CA10 2JW
DAVIES, Jonathan (address in Westmorland and Furness)
GREENING, Philip Keith (address in Westmorland and Furness)

Date: 2 May 2023

Last updated: Monday, 19 June, 2023.