Parish Councils 2011

Eden District is divided into 71 parishes, of which 53 have a parish council. Elections to the parish councils are held every four years.

Results for contested parish election are given below. Overall turnout was 51.8%:

Bolton parish

Electorate: 397 Ballot papers issued: 218 Ballot papers rejected: 0 Turnout: 55%

Candidate Votes Elected?
Baxter, Nicola Mary 157 Yes
Bird, Roger Andrew 114 Yes
Bromley, Daniel 94 No
Butterworth, Barbara 160 Yes
Griffiths, Peter York 114 Yes
Holliday, Mark Edward 136 Yes
Kuzbyt, Sally-Anne 132 Yes
Smith, Peter Derbyshire 129 Yes

Castle Sowerby parish

Electorate: 313 Ballot papers issued: 151 Ballot papers rejected: 1 Turnout: 55%

Candidate Votes Elected?
Asbridge, Sidney George 97 Yes
Bainbridge, George Gerald (known as Gerald) 91 Yes
Foster, John Alan 116 Yes
Groves, Philippa Mary Randolph 104 Yes
Johnson, Christine Anne 51 No
Little, Thomas Richard (known as Richard) 104 Yes
Mallinson, John Brian 106 Yes
Stalker, Johnathon 96 Yes
Strong, Michael Richard 103 Yes
Wetherell, Joyce Elizabeth 103 Yes

Glassonby parish ward

Electorate: 111 Ballot papers issued: 64 Ballot papers rejected: 2 Turnout: 57.7%

Candidate Votes Elected?
Clarke, Peter Thomas 28 Yes
Hodgson, Thomas Richard 49 Yes
Hogarth, George William (known as George) 26 No
Kemp, Timothy John 59 Yes
Relph, Andrew Lewis 42 Yes

Great Strickland parish

Electorate: 236 Ballot papers issued: 122 Ballot papers rejected: 1 Turnout: 51.7%

Candidate Votes Elected?
Burne, Andrew 71 Yes
Burne, Thomas Gilbert 72 Yes
Creswell, Robert 20 No
Elliot, Robert Christopher Mark 81 Yes
Harvey, Martin 36 No
Hexter, Paul 47 No
James, Joan Elizabeth 66 Yes
Strong, John Brian 110 Yes

Ousby parish ward

Electorate: 187 Ballot papers issued: 116 Ballot papers rejected: 0 Turnout: 62%

Candidate Votes Elected?
Braithwaite, Gordon Cheesborough 74 Yes
Dixon, Thomas John 46 Yes
Herety, Irene 45 No
Shaw, Mark 89 Yes
Trussler, Vera Eileen 52 Yes

Shap parish ward

Electorate: 1070 Ballot papers issued: 606 Ballot papers rejected: 10 Turnout: 56.6%

Candidate Votes Elected?
Brass, Natalie 276 Yes
Dicken, Peter Kevin 106 No
Hodgson, Edward Wilson Fisher (known as Edward) 330 Yes
Humphries, Michael 184 No
Jackson, Jean 326 Yes
Jones, William John James (known as Sean) 247 Yes
Lowis, John snr 181 No
Mallinson, David John 322 Yes
Newsome, Derrick James 428 Yes
Priestley, John Barry 111 No
Sowerby, Alan Stephen 265 Yes

Yanwath and Eamont Bridge parish

Electorate: 519 Ballot papers issued: 193 Ballot papers rejected: 7 Turnout: 37.2%

Candidate Votes Elected?
Battersby, Christopher Alvin (known as Chris) 126 Yes
Holt, Ian 52 Yes
Oxland, Geoffrey Keith 89 Yes
Scott, David Maloclm Gordon 42 No
Thoele, Erich Andew Horst 103 Yes
Wright, Christopher Anthony (known as Chris) 124 Yes

Uncontested parishes

All parishes not mentioned above were uncontested and all validly nominated candidates for these wards were elected unopposed.

Last updated: Monday, 10 May, 2021.