Self-build and custom-build homes locations

Affordable housing locations
Villages and towns Wards
Ainstable Kirkoswald
Alston Alston Moor
Appleby Appleby
Appleby Bongate
Armathwaite (½) Kirkoswald
Armathwaite (½) Hesket
Barras Brough
Bleatarn Warcop
Blencarn Hartside
Bolton Crosby Ravensworth
Brampton Long Marton
Brough Brough
Brough Sowerby Brough
Brougham Kirkby Thore
Burrells Warcop
Calthwaite Hesket
Castle Sowerby Skelton
Catterlen Hesket
Centre Parks Holiday Village Kirkby Thore
Church Brough Brough
Cliburn Morland
Clifton Eamont
Clifton Dykes Eamont
Colby Warcop
Coupland Warcop
Crackenthorpe Long Marton
Croft End Long Marton
Croglin Kirkoswald
Crosby Garrett Ravenstonedale
Crosby Ravensworth Crosby Ravensworth
Crossrigg Crosby Ravensworth
Culgaith Hartside
Drybeck Warcop
Dufton Long Marton
Eamont Bridge north of the river Penrith South
Eamont Bridge south of the river Yanwath
Edenhall Langwathby
Ellonby Skelton
Fell End Ravenstonedale
Fieldhead Calthwaite Hesket
Flakebridge Warcop
Flitholme (½) Brough
Flitholme (½) Warcop
Flusco Dacre
Gaisgill Orton with Tebay
Gamblesby Langwathby
Garrigill Alston Moor
Glassonby Langwathby
Great Asby Crosby Ravensworth
Great Blencow Dacre
Great Musgrave Brough
Great Ormside Warcop
Great Salkeld Lazonby
Great Strickland Morland
Greystoke Greystoke
Gullom Long Marton
Gypsum Works Kirkby Thore
Hackthorpe Askham
Hartley Kirkby Stephen
Helbeck Brough
Hesket Hesket
High Hesket Hesket
Hilton Warcop
Hoff Warcop
Hunsonby Langwathby
Hutton End Skelton
Ivegill (½) Hesket
Ivegill (½) Skelton
Johnby Greystoke
Kaber Kirkby Stephen
Kelleth Orton with Tebay
Kings Meaburn Crosby Ravensworth
Kirkby Stephen Kirkby Stephen
Kirkby Thore Kirkby Thore
Kirkland Hartside
Kirkoswald Kirkoswald
Knock Long Marton
Laithes Skelton
Lamonby Skelton
Langwathby Langwathby
Lazonby Lazonby
Leadgate Alston Moor
Little Asby Crosby Ravensworth
Little Blencow Greystoke
Little Musgrave Brough
Little Ormside Warcop
Little Salkeld Langwathby
Little Strickland Morland
Long Marton Long Marton
Low Hesket Hesket
Mallerstang Kirkby Stephen
Maulds Meaburn Crosby Ravensworth
Melkinthorpe Askham
Melmerby Hartside
Milburn Long Marton
Milhouse Skelton
Morland Morland
Motherby Ullswater
Murton Warcop
Nateby Kirkby Stephen
Nenthead Alston Moor
Nentsberry Alston Moor
Newbiggin Dacre
Newbiggin (Temple Sowerby) Kirkby Thore
Newbiggin-on-Lune Ravenstonedale
Newby Morland
Newton Reigny Hesket
North Stainmore Brough
Orton Orton with Tebay
Ousby Hartside
Outhgill Kirkby Stephen
Penrith Penrith North
Penrith Penrith East
Penrith Penrith Carleton
Penrith Penrith Pategill
Penrith Penrith South
Penrith Penrith West
Plumpton (½) Hesket
Plumpton Head (½) Penrith North
Raisbeck Orton with Tebay
Ravenstonedale Ravenstonedale
Ravensworth Crosby Ravensworth
Reagill Crosby Ravensworth
Redhills Dacre
Renwick Kirkoswald
Rheged Dacre
Ruckcroft Kirkoswald
Sandford Warcop
Shap Shap
Shap Wells Hotel Crosby Ravensworth
Skelton Skelton
Skirwith Hartside
Sleagill Morland
Smardale Ravenstonedale
Sockbridge and Tirril Eamont
Soulby (Kirkby Stephen) Ravenstonedale
Southwaite Hesket
Sowerby Row Skelton
Staffield Kirkoswald
Stainmore Brough
Stainton Dacre
Tebay Orton with Tebay
Tebay West MSA Orton with Tebay
Temple Sowerby Kirkby Thore
Thrimby Morland
Unthank Langwathby
Waitby Ravenstonedale
Warcop Warcop
Wharton Kirkby Stephen
Whinfell Forest Kirkby Thore
Whitbarrow Hall Ullswater
Wildriggs Plant Penrith West
Winskill Langwathby
Winton Kirkby Stephen
Wreay Hall Hesket
Yanwath Eamont
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