Planning services parish charter


We will consult you, the local parish, about all applications for planning permission, listed building consent and advertisement consent. We will not inform you of 'prior notification determinations', as these are notifications of telecommunication apparatus and 'agricultural notifications' and we only have 28 days in which to respond. These developments have 'deemed consent' and therefore do not require planning permission.


The parish will be consulted andĀ given 21 days in which to reply. The speed and efficiency of dealing with planning applications is monitored and we aim to determine 80% of all minor applications within 8 weeks. This is a national target. The Parish can help Planning Services achieve this target by responding promptly to consultations. Responses received after the 21 day consultation period may not be taken into account.


The planning Case Officer can agree to extend the parish consultation period. The consultation letter we send has the contact details for the Case Officer. The Parish Clerk is encouraged to make contact if a time extension is needed.

Information and advice

If, during the consultation period, the Parish requires further information or advice, please contact the case officer. The Case Officer is available to offer the Parish further information or advice. We prefer requests in writing, so please email the Case Officer, or It is also helpful if the Parish has one contact point for the Case Officer.

"Material" issues

Where the Parish raises issues that are not regarded as material to the consideration of the planning application, we will write and let you know. Planning applications can only be determined on material planning considerations and this specifically excludes such things as loss of value or loss of view. A guidance note on matters which can and cannot be considered 'material' is available from Planning Services, or read object or comment on a current planning application.

The delegated powers of the Head of Planning Services allows him to determine whether a comment or objection upon a particular application is a 'material' planning matter or not.

What happens if the head of planning and the Parish don't agree?

Where the view of the head of planning services on a particular application differs from that of the Parish, the application will be referred to our Planning Committee for a decision. This is to ensure that the views of the Parish are heard by Committee in all cases where they may be contrary to his own. The Parish view is reported in full to Committee.

How are recommendations communicated?

The Parish Clerk will be notified of relevant applications appearing on the Planning Committee agenda. The Officers Report and Committee agenda is also available on the Council's website at least 5 days before the meeting. See Planning Committee meetings list.

Who can attend Planning Committee?

A representative of the Parish is able to attend Planning Committee to explain their views on a particular application and will be invited to attend any site visit undertaken by the Planning Committee within your Parish. The decision on whether to hold a site visit rests with the Committee. Where a decision is made by the Council against the view of the Parish, a written explanation will be given.

April 2022 (revised)

Last updated: Tuesday, 11 April, 2023.