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If your application for planning permission is refused, you have the right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate within 6 months of the date from when your application was refused. For householder applications, you have twelve weeks to appeal. Details of how to appeal and the appeal process will be sent to you with the planning application decision notice.

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Householder appeal process

There is a new faster procedure for householder applications received after the 6 April 2009 and refused planning permission by the Local Authority.

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The Planning Inspector will use the original application file held by the local planning authority in an electronic format for administering the appeal. The local planning authority will rely purely on their decision notice, together with any internal reports on the file to defend the appeal. Any third party letters of support or objection about the planning application will form part of the planning application file. Under the Householder Appeals Service there is no provision to add to these comments at the appeal stage.

If you made comments on the planning application then you will be notified when an appeal has been received.

There are three methods of appeal (non-householder):

Written representation

Written representation is the most popular form of appeal, favoured where the planning issues are considered to be straightforward. We, and the appellant, prepare written statements for the consideration of an Inspector from the Department of the Environment.

Informal hearing

An informal hearing is favoured where the planning issues are considered to be rather more complicated; it is a 'round the table' discussion of the issues between us and the appellant, led by the Inspector.

Public inquiry

A Public Inquiry is where each side verbally represents their case before an Inspector, usually by legal representation. The witnesses for each side can be cross-examined by the opposing party's representatives.

If you have any further queries about planning, there is always a Duty Officer available during office hours, Monday to Friday, 10am to 1pm.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.