Local land charges personal search

A Personal Search is an inspection of the Local Land Charges Register. In accordance with Statutory Instrument 2010 No.1812, The Local Land Charges (Amendment) Rules 2010, we do not charge a fee for a personal inspection of the Local Land Charges Register. Please note that a Personal Search may not provide all the information given on a full (LLC1 and CON29) search and cannot be guaranteed by this authority.

View the Local Land Charges Register

As a temporary measure, if you wish to make a Personal Search of the register, you can request this by emailing land.charges@eden.gov.uk including a plan of the search area. Our current turn-around time for a response to a Personal Search request is 20 working days due to the high volume of searches, however, this may vary and we cannot guarantee this.

A Personal Search is not an official local authority search. We will not confirm the relevance of individual items to the specific search enquiry and we will not provide a guarantee. The data items/information returned is on the basis of the details provided in the searcher's request and their interpretation for the intended use.

We are still providing a full local authority search service through our Land Charges Service during this time, however an expedited service is not currently available.

CON29 Unrefined data

Land/property within Eden District Council (EDC) planning boundary

Land/property within Lake District National Park (LDNP) planning boundary

Land/property within Yorkshire Dales National Park (YDNP) planning boundary

Please submit Unrefined Data forms to tech.support@eden.gov.uk

Last updated: Tuesday, 18 May, 2021.