Local land charges FAQs

How long do searches take to process?

Under normal circumstances approximately 10 working days for standard searches (excludes CON29 optional enquiries).  Any change to this return time will be advertised on our web pages.

How long does an expedited search take and how much does it cost?

Each search will cost an additional £24 (including VAT) for a LLC1 search only and should take 3 days to process.

Note: For an expedited search service , please contact the Local Land Charges Team to enquire whether this is possible as we are unable to offer this service during busy periods. 

We are no longer able to offer an expedited service for Highways CON 29 or CON29O.

How do I contact the Land Registry?

The Land Registry has a new address for citizens/the public to send their applications to; this is because they now scan all applications at their Gloucester office, before sending them electronically to the appropriate offices to be processed.

National Land Information Service (NLIS)

The NLIS (National Land Information Service) provides quick and easy access to authoritative, accurate and comprehensive information on all land and property in England and Wales. 

Home buying and selling advice

See how to buy a home on GOV.UK, which provides homeowners and prospective homeowners with an overview of the process of buying a home.

See how to sell a home on GOV.UK, which provides homeowners with an overview of the process of selling a home.

Last updated: Thursday, 20 January, 2022.