Cumbria Local Heritage List

Local lists help to build and reinforce a sense of local character and distinctiveness. They include a range of heritage assets including buildings, monuments, sites, places or landscapes.

These heritage assets are of local importance and known as 'non-designated heritage assets'.

Local Listing does not provide any extra planning controls to the assets. Inclusion on a local list means it is a material planning consideration. Local lists are also used to inform Local Plans.

What type of heritage assets are suitable for the list?

We may consider a wide range of buildings, structures and sites suitable for the list. See below a brief list of the types of assets we would consider for the local heritage list.

  • Agricultural: farms, barns, gate posts and boundary walls.
  • Commercial: pubs, shops and offices.
  • Cultural: art installations, graffiti and statues.
  • Recreational: village halls, community centres, cinemas, sports grounds and social clubs.
  • Domestic: town houses, bespoke development and designed estates.
  • Educational: schools and colleges.
  • Health: hospitals, almshouses and poorhouses.
  • Industrial: factories, warehouses and workshops.
  • Military: civil defence, military camps, war memorials, air raid shelters and pill boxes.
  • Religious: churches, chapels, meeting houses, memorials, crosses and tombs.
  • Transport: railway stations, signal boxes and railway bridges.
  • Ancient orchards.

See Local Heritage Listing: Identifying and Conserving Local Heritage on the Historic England website for more information.

Cumbria Local Heritage Listing Campaign

Eden District Council are working with other local authorities in Cumbria to prepare a Local List.

We are inviting nominations for sites and features in your local area.

To help you decide whether or not an asset is worthy of being added to the Local List, please refer to the attached selection criteria.

Read the selection criteria document (PDF 384 Kb / 2 pages).

How to nominate a site

To nominate a site for safeguarding complete the short survey below.

Local List Submission online survey (you will need to use latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Edge browsers which are free to download).

A selected panel of representatives from local councils and voluntary heritage groups will review the nominations. The first review will be undertaken in spring 2022. Each local authority will assess the initial List for formal adoption. Once adopted the council will publish the list here on our website. The list will get updated on a periodic basis as new nominations come forward for approval.

Further information

If you would like any further information or have any questions please contact our Conservation officer on the details below:

Last updated: Monday, 14 November, 2022.