Settle to Carlisle Railway conservation area

Designation of Settle to Carlisle Railway conservation area

The area covered by the Settle to Carlisle Railway line and building was designated as a conservation area on 20 June 1991.

Description of Settle to Carlisle Railway

The Settle to Carlisle Railway is remarkable both in its engineering achievements and its unique design. The line passes through the tough terrain of the North Pennine foothills and the lush Eden valley floor. It uses lofty viaducts and bridges to traverse open valleys and cross rivers. Several tunnels have been blasted through the limestone and sandstone rock of the Eden valley. The line and its thoughtfully designed station buildings, workers houses and trackside structures form a comprehensive development giving a complete picture of Victorian enterprise and social welfare. Their distinctive design along with their relationship to each other and the stunning setting, represents a group value now acknowledged by the Settle-Carlisle Conservation Area.

Settle to Carlisle Railway conservation area plan

settle carlisle railway conservation area

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