Bus shelters

We maintain Penrith bus station and the bus shelter at Hartsop. Penrith Town Council maintain most of the other bus shelters in Penrith. Various town and parish councils maintain bus shelters in other locations.

Request a bus shelter

Bus stop improvement details how to request a new bus shelter through the Bus Infrastructure Officer.

Report damage to a bus shelter

Bus shelters at Penrith bus station and at Hartsop

Contact Property and Contracts on the details below to report a problem with a bus shelter at Penrith bus station and Hartsop.

All other bus shelters in the Eden area

Bus stops and shelters details of who maintains a bus shelters in the Eden area.

See contact details for town, parish councils and parish meetings, if you would like to contact them about a bus stop.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.