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Penalty charge notice (PCN)

Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) also known as parking fines are given for not complying with parking regulations.

If you are given a PCN please check the information on the PCN to make sure you pay the correct Council. A delay in paying a PCN may lead to you paying a higher penalty charge.

How to pay your PCN

Pay online on at Cumbria County Council

Pay over the phone please call 0300 111 7766

Pay by post with cheque using the information stated on the PCN.

PCN challenge / appeal

To challenge a PCNs, an appeal, should be made to Cumbria County Council as we no longer issue PCNs.

To make an informal challenge within 14 day of receiving a PCN, or to make a representation against a Notice to Owner, go to:

Penalty Charge Notice on Cumbria County Council's website.

For details on the PCN notice process and cancellation please read the parking enforcement documents on Cumbria County Council's website.

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