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Museum events

Jacob Thompson Art Challenge

Win prizes and find out about this Jacob Thompson famous Penrith artist!

We challenge you to be inspired by the Museum’s newly acquired Jacob Thompson painting ‘The Druids Collecting the Mistletoe’ (1832).

Come and see it at Penrith and Eden Museum and then make your own painting using the original as your starting point.

Any questions?

Ring Karen MacDougall on 017683 62499, or email

The challenge is free to enter. The top 3 entries in each class will be mounted and displayed in the gallery from 19 January to 9 February 2018. Winners receive some fantastic art supplies, kindly donated by the Derwent Pencil Museum.

Jacob Thompson Art Challenge 2017 rules

This is a painting competition. Work will be accepted in any painting medium. This will also include the use of inks and Inktense or watercolour pencils or sticks.

The artwork should be inspired by some aspect of Jacob Thompson’s painting, ‘The Druids Collecting the Mistletoe’ which he painted in 1832. This painting is on permanent display in the Museum.

Entry is free.

Size of work: A4 minimum and A3 maximum size of image, excluding any mount or frame.

Mounting and framing: All works should be submitted unmounted, except for canvases, which may be submitted framed, but not glazed.

Artist name, plus school name, or home address and contact details, must be securely fixed on the back of the picture.

The age group category must be stated. Categories are:

  • KS1 work from Reception to Year 2;
  • KS2 work from Year 3 to 6;
  • Secondary School up to year 11;
  • Open to age 16 and above.

Work without this information will not be judged or displayed in the Museum. Work should be submitted, adequately protected, to:

Tourist Information Office
42 Middlegate

between 4 and 13 January 2017.

Work will be judged and mounted between 15 and 18 January 2018, with the exhibition opening on 19 January until 9 February 2018. There will be a panel of 3 judges and their decision will be final.

Prizes will be given to the winners in each category, with additional prizes for special merit. A prize will also be given to each school, with a first prize winner in each age category. The prizes are being kindly donated by the Derwent Pencil Museum.

The Museum will use its best endeavours to keep all work in good condition, but no guarantee can be made that the work will be in its original condition on collection. The top 3 or more in each category will be mounted for display and will be returned mounted.

All work must be collected after the end of the exhibition. We reserve the rights to dispose of all works not collected by 2 March 2018.

Women of Cumbria

Lorna Graves altarTo mark the centenary of the first votes for women in the UK, eleven Cumbrian museums are developing exciting exhibitions and events to run across the year in 2018. These will reflect the broader themes of the lives and achievements of women in Cumbria today and in the past.

At Penrith and Eden Museum, artist, Karen MacDougall, is working with community groups - Girlguiding, WI, Soroptimists and the Trefoil Guild to create banners inspired both by our exhibition, Lorna Graves: Memories of Belonging, which celebrates the work and life of this widely recognised Cumbrian artist and her relationship to the land and landscape of the Eden Valley - and by participants' own experience of life in Cumbria today.

The banners will form the centrepiece of a parade in Carlisle on Saturday, 3 March 2018, celebrating International Women's Day. The banners will also be displayed alongside our Lorna Graves exhibition, from March through to June 2018.

Finds days

What is a find?

A find could be something you have found in your garden, on the beach whilst metal detecting, or out walking in the fields. It doesn't matter how strange, weird, or wonderful your find is, as long as you can carry it, you can bring it along.

Who will identify finds?

The Portable Antiquities Officer, Dot Boughton, will be visiting the Museum to examine and identify your objects. The finds officer records and identifies all archaeological finds that pre-date the 1800s, such as coins, small stone objects, pottery, metal and glass. Entry to the Museum in free.

For more information on finds and the Treasures Act, see Portable Antiquities Scheme website.