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Museum events

Jacob Thompson Art Challenge

See the winning paintings of the Jacob Thompson Art Challenge on display in our Neolithic Gallery!

Local pupils were inspired to create their own work by the Museum’s newly acquired Jacob Thompson painting ‘The Druids Collecting the Mistletoe’ (1832). The painting is currently on display in our Penrith Stories gallery.

See the Druids Collecting the Mistletoe on the Art Fund website for details about the artist Jacob Thompson and his painting.

Women of Cumbria

Lorna Graves altarTo mark the centenary of the first votes for women in the UK, eleven Cumbrian museums are developing exciting exhibitions and events to run across the year in 2018. These will reflect the broader themes of the lives and achievements of women in Cumbria today and in the past.

At Penrith and Eden Museum, artist, Karen MacDougall, has worked with community groups - Girlguiding, WI, Soroptimists and the Trefoil Guild to create a banner inspired by our exhibition, Lorna Graves: Memories of Belonging, and by participants' own experiences of life in Cumbria today.

The banner is displayed in our Landmarks of Eden exhibition from July through to September.

Finds days

What is a find?

A find could be something you have found in your garden, on the beach whilst metal detecting, or out walking in the fields. It doesn't matter how strange, weird, or wonderful your find is, as long as you can carry it, you can bring it along.

Who will identify finds?

The Portable Antiquities Officer, Dot Boughton, will be visiting the Museum to examine and identify your objects. The finds officer records and identifies all archaeological finds that pre-date the 1800s, such as coins, small stone objects, pottery, metal and glass. Entry to the Museum in free.

Portable Antiquities Scheme website has more detailed information on finds and the Treasures Act.

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