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Landmarks of Eden

July - September 2018

This exhibition celebrates the achievements of the Heritage Lottery funded 'Landmarks of Eden' project, run by our museum. The project explored Long Meg and her Daughters stone circle, a significant landmark right on our doorstep.

We worked with four schools from the Eden Valley to discover the familiar landmark from new and surprising perspectives. Creative writing, storytelling and illustration all played a part in this. The students listened to the story of the cursed witches, uncovered the location of hidden stones through dowsing, and looked at the swirling patterns of the rock art. They also learned about the work of Lorna Graves, a Cumbrian artist who lived near the stone circle for many years and drew inspiration from its ancient shape. 

The exhibition features artwork that the children created during the project. There will be several works by Lorna Graves on display, as well as the Long Meg map which we produced as main output of the project. The children's artwork is shown alongside poems and interpretation which traces the uses and significance of the stone circle through history, from the early Bronze Age to 18th century Romanticism, to our current appreciation and understanding of it.

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