Museum friends and volunteers

Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum

The Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum is an independent support group. They meet between September and April, at the Quaker Meeting House in Penrith. The Friends host talks on subjects of local and national interest.

Museum friends aim:

  • to support the Museum in its aims and objectives.
  • to assist in the acquisition of exhibits, especially of a local nature.
  • to give five talks a year on subjects of local and historic interest.
  • to assist the museum in a voluntary capacity when required.

Museum friends activities:

  • Support the Penrith and Eden museum in it's aims and objectives.
  • Assist in the acquisition of exhibits, especially of a local nature.
  • Enjoy five talks a year on subjects of local and historic interest.
  • Assist the museum in a voluntary capacity when required.

The Committee welcomes members to a new season, and extends greetings to visitors to our talks. Last year we welcomed a record number of visitors, several of whom became members. Our numbers our steady, but the Committee ask members to continue to advertise our existence, and encourage friends to come along. Strong membership is helpful when applying for grants for purchases. Suggestions of speakers, or venues for a visit are always welcome.

Join the friends of the museum:

Membership of the Friends is open to all.

Complete the Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum application form (PDF: 127Kb / 1 page). Return to the address on the form with the appropriate fee, see list of fees below.

Membership fees

  • Ordinary membership: £8
  • Family membership for 2 Adults and Children under 18: £13
  • Junior membership (Under 18): £1
  • Patron: £50 a year
  • Life Member: £80

Programme of talks for Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020

All talks are at the Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, Penrith CA11 7TR, which has ample parking on site.

See Penrith Quaker Meeting on the Quaker in Britain website for directions and accessibility details.

Visitors are welcome at a cost of £3.

Shap - from Trackway to Trunk Road

Talk by Liz Amos - at 2pm on Tuesday 26 November 2019
This talk is illustrated with photographs from the Shap Local History Archive and from members of the Society. It covers the history of the pathways, tracks and roads through and around Shap. It includes information on the early settlers, the Roman routes near Shap, Medieval routes centred on Shap Abbey and the drove roads. Details of the early road are shown in a series of maps. The turnpike era with details of Heronsyke Turnpike Trust are covered, followed by the history of the current A6 road and changes to its route over the years. The talk ends with a brief look at the M6 and how it affected Shap.

Brougham Castle and the early history of the site

Talk by Joseph Jackson - at 2pm on Tuesday 28 January 2020
Brougham Castle is well known locally and has an extensive history, but, what is perhaps less well known, is the history of the site before the castle was built. Since Roman times the site was, for centuries, at the centre of the cross roads of history, and witnessed a series of events that would shape the North West of England to this day. It was a place which men from Turkey, called home; a meeting place for kings, and site of some of the bloodiest battles in our history. This talk could be followed by a site visit. This is still to be confirmed.

Yannocks, Havercake and Slammock - the daily bread of the Cumbrian Yeoman

Talk by Ivan Day - at 2pm on Tuesday 25 February 2020
We are all now familiar with fashionable sour dough and multigrain loaves, but whatever happened to the remarkable home made breads once produced in Cumbrian farmhouses distant from the town bakeries and now entirely forgotten? How many of you have ever heard of kitcheness bread, snap and rattle, scrapcake, tharf and handhoven - all extraordinary culinary throwbacks to a distant Nordic world. In an illustrated lecture, local food historian, Ivan Day, will share an important discovery of a small surviving kitchen where some of these rural delicacies were once made.

Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum - Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 28 April, 2020

Museum volunteers

Young museum volunteers

Anyone between 8 and 18 can be a young volunteers at the museum. They need to have an interest in local history and heritage. Volunteers will be able to see how the museum works. How the curators care for the museum's collections. The work involved in putting on an exhibition. They may have the opportunity in getting involved in community events as well.

How to become a museum volunteer

Contact the Museum's curators, on the details below, to discuss becoming a young museum volunteer.

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