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Museum friends and volunteers

The Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum

The Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum is an independent support group. They meet between September and April, at the Quaker Meeting House in Penrith. The Friends host talks on subjects of local and national interest.

Museum friends aim:

  • to support the Museum in its aims and objectives.
  • to assist in the acquisition of exhibits, especially of a local nature.
  • to give five talks a year on subjects of local and historic interest.
  • to assist the museum in a voluntary capacity when required.

What the Friends do for the Museum:

The Friends assist the Museum with the purchase of objects, especially items with local connections.

How to become a Friend of the Museum:

Membership of the Friends is open to all.

Complete the Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum application form (PDF: 127Kb / 1 page). Return to the address on the form with the appropriate fee, see list of fees below.

Membership fees

  • Ordinary membership: £8
  • Family membership for 2 Adults and Children under 18: £13
  • Junior membership (Under 18): £1
  • Patron: £50 a year
  • Life Member: £80

Museum volunteers

Young museum volunteers

Anyone between 8 and 18 can be a young volunteers at the museum. They need to have an interest in local history and heritage. Volunteers will be able to see how the museum works. How the curators care for the museum's collections. The work involved in putting on an exhibition. They may have the opportunity in getting involved in community events as well.

How to become a museum volunteer

Contact the Museum's curators, on the details below, to discuss becoming a young museum volunteer.

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