Loans, donations and bequests

Want to donate, loan or leave material to your local museum or gallery? Here's how!

The Museum welcomes donations relevant to its collections as set out in its acquisitions policy (PDF: 216Kb / 9 pages). This covers a wide range of material relating to the history, art and culture of the Eden District.

We are always filling gaps in the collections and developing new fields. However we need to be selective, taking into account storage requirements, for instance.

As a rule we only borrow objects for temporary exhibitions. Occasionally material is accepted for educational handling purposes, rather than for adding to the permanent collections.

If the object you would like to give to the museum can be carried, simply bring it in, or send a photograph. We will then let you know if we wish to add it to our collections. After this you will be asked to sign a form transferring ownership of the item.

We cannot guarantee that it will be displayed straight away, but it will be catalogued, and in some cases researched more fully. If necessary, and as funds permit, the object may be professionally conserved.

Material can be bequeathed to the museum and the curators will be pleased to give further advice on this, and other matters if required.

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