Signs for non-profit making event

Do I need permission to erect a sign for a non profit making event?

Yes, you need permission to erect signs to advertise a local non profit making event. The local event must be being held for charitable purposes, which may be religious, educational, cultural, political, social or recreational, but not for any commercial purpose.

See consent to display an advertisement for information and guidance for commercial signs, including how to apply for planning permission to place a sign or board.

What type of local events covered by this permission?

  • A Church bazaar
  • A fete for a parent-teacher association
  • A sponsored marathon in aid of charity and
  • An amateur sports event, but not any sporting event organised for commercial purposes

How large can the event signs be?

The signs or notices must not exceed 0.6 of a square metre.

Where can I erect the signs?

Please refer to the application form.

How long before an event can a sign be erected?

Signs must not be erected more than 7 days before an event unless the Highways Authority or Agency has agreed differently.

How many event signs can I erect?

You will need to confirm the number of signs that you intend to erect on the application form.

When do I have to remove the event signs?

Signs must be removed no later than 3 days after the event. If not you risk a potential Fixed Penalty Notice being issued. Fixed Penalty Notice can be issued for each individual sign.

Report signs that have not been removed

Any non profit making event signs that have not been removed after three days after the event, are classed as fly posting.

Report signs as fly-posting online.

Apply to erect signs for a non profit making local event

Contact us for an application form.

Last updated: Friday, 23 September, 2022.