Safety inspection checklist for events

Site access/egress

  • Are entrances/exits clear?
  • Are staff/stewards in place and briefed in their roles?
  • Can emergency vehicles gain access to all areas?
  • Are car parking arrangements in place?
  • Are pedestrians segregated from vehicles?
  • Are security precautions in place?
  • Have adequate signs been provided?

Site condition

  • Is the site free from tripping hazards (cables, potholes, footpath defects)?
  • Are permanent fixtures in good condition (seats, fences, signage)?
  • Has vegetation been cut back and debris removed?
  • Have current weather conditions created new hazards to be addressed?
  • Have you considered the hazard from overhead and underground service cables/wires? 


  • Have all structures been completed (stages, seating)?
  • Have all structures been inspected and approved by a competent person where required?
  • Are all activities sited correctly and checked?
  • Have all activity/attraction suppliers provided evidence of insurance and health and safety requirements?
  • Are all potentially hazardous activities segregated and/or fenced as required?
  • Have temporary flags/decorations been installed correctly and checked?
  • Have any unanticipated hazards been introduced?

Event provisions

  • Is fire fighting equipment in place?
  • Is lighting in place where required?
  • Have electrical supplies/equipment been checked/certified (see also Specification for Electrical Installation - Information Sheet)?
  • Have toilets been provided where required?
  • Are first aid facilities in place?
  • Is control centre in place and public address system working (if you have them)?
  • Are adequate waste bins provided?
  • Are stewards in place?
Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.