How to join the housing register

Cumbria Choice

All the main providers advertise their properties through Cumbria Choice.  You have to register to take part in the scheme and you can do this on the Cumbria Choice website.

How is my application assessed?

The registration process includes an assessment of your current housing circumstances, this assessment will determine the level of priority awarded to your application. There are four housing need bands:

  • Band A: Urgent Need
  • Band B: High Need
  • Band C: Medium Need
  • Band D: Adequately Housed

your application will be placed into one of them. It is important to answer all the questions otherwise your application could be banded incorrectly. You must also answer all questions honestly, if you deliberately give false or misleading information to gain housing, court action may be considered which could lead to a fine and/or eviction.

Can anyone join the Register

Almost anyone aged 16 or over can register to apply for housing. However, not everyone will be eligible for housing, for example:

  • those subject to immigration control may not be entitled to access help from the state, for more information see asylum-seekers.
  • those who have committed serious unacceptable behaviour such as anti-social behaviour;
  • or serious rent arrears.

Evidence of eligibility will be required at the registration stage.

When will I be offered a property

The registration date of your application form will be either:

  • the date the application is received at the office of any partner organisation
  • the date the online form was received.

The time you have to wait in a particular band will be taken into account when short listing people for a property. The principle is that the longer you have been in a housing need band the greater the priority you will have. This means the following rules apply to moving between bands:

  • Moving up a band - The length of time the customer has waited will be taken from the date they moved into the higher band
  • Moving down a band - Where a customer is moving to a priority band the length of time they have waited will be taken from the date they moved into the band. Where a customer moves out of a priority band into band D their waiting time will be taken from the date they applied.

How homes are let

When letting accommodation the social landlords advertise available properties on Cumbria Choice's property search web page and in a weekly news letter. After the close of advertising, a shortlist of customers that have bid will be taken from Cumbria Choice computer system, this will identify the order of customers based on highest housing need, longest time in band and local connection. A formal offer of the tenancy in writing is sent out once the successful applicant has confirmed they will accept the property.

Most properties will be advertised through the Cumbria Choice scheme, however in certain circumstances a housing organisation may allocate a property directly to an applicant. This may be where an applicant is unable to leave hospital until they can be offered a suitable adapted property, a senior officer will approve all direct lets.

Reviews and Complaints

You have the right to ask for a review regarding certain decisions made about your application. The review and complaint procedures are explained in more detail in the full allocation policy document see Cumbria Choice.

Last updated: Thursday, 19 May, 2022.