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Refugees in Cumbria

The UK government has pledged to bring 20,000 of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees to the UK by 2020. Cumbria is playing its part by welcoming just under 300 refugees to the county over the next three years from 2017 to 2020.

This pledge is being delivered through a national Syrian Refugee Resettlement Programme. This means the Home Office are currently working with councils across the UK to help provide places of safety for refugees.

We are part of a collective countywide multi-agency approach to providing places of safety. Cumbria County Council is the lead authority acting on behalf of the Cumbria Leaders Board (CLB). The CLB includes the leaders of all the local authorities across Cumbria, the Chair is Councillor Colin Glover, Leader of Carlisle City Council.

Cumbria County Council as well as providing resettlement for Syrian refugees, have also agreed to offer support to Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC), as part of the Government's National Transfer Scheme. This has been established to help resettle children seeking asylum in areas such as Kent and unaccompanied asylum seeking children leaving Calais or other European Countries.

For more detail see resettlement of Syrian refugees in Cumbria and support for unaccompanied asylum seeking children on Cumbria County Council website.

Cumbria has a long established history of successfully supporting refugees and if you wish to make an offer of support please see the refugees in Cumbria on Cumbria County Council website.

To find out more see refugees in Cumbria frequently asked questions on Cumbria County Council website.

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