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Preventing homelessness

We aim to prevent homelessness, where possible by giving you the most appropriate advice to help you stay in your home or find a new one.

For help and advice contact Eden Housing Association's Homelessness Service on 01768 861 428 or visit Eden Housing Association at Blain House, Bridge Lane, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 8QU

Can you help if I am homeless?

Homeless man in a sleeping bag on the street.

Yes, we must help you if you’re legally homeless, Eden Housing Association will do this on our behalf. But how much help will depend on your eligibility, your level of need and if your homelessness is your fault.

How do you decide if I am homeless?

To find out how we decide if you are homeless read homeless get help from your council on Shelter website.

How do I find out if I am legally homeless?

To find out if you are legally homeless read emergency housing if you are homeless on GOV.UK website.

Independent advice

If you would like independent advice you may wish to contact: