Accommodation for the homeless

Temporary accommodation

There is a high demand for accommodation. We will provide temporary accommodation for households accepted as homeless. Households will be in the temporary accommodation until a permanent home is available.


Contact Eden Housing Association if you are seeking shelter for the night. We do not have any shelters or hostel accommodation.

Permanent accommodation

If you are accepted as homeless, you will be offered permanent accommodation with a housing association as soon as possible, depending upon availability. Please be aware that there is a high demand for accommodation in the district.

If you are not threatened with homelessness but wish to apply for a housing association tenancy, you can apply to join the housing register by filling in an application form available from Eden Housing Association or Cumbria Choice.

Go to Choice Choice website to view properties to let across Cumbria. Nearly all Councils and Housing Associations in Cumbria let their properties through the Cumbria Choice website.

To find out more, contact Eden Housing Association on the details below.

See list of housing associations that operate in Eden.

Last updated: Tuesday, 4 August, 2020.