Guide to leaving home

The Leaving Home Guide (PDF: 236.57Kb / 31 pages) provides useful information whether it's the first time or the fifth time you have left home. It provides you with a glossary so you know the meanings for any technical terms you may come across. It guides you through finding a place to live, private rented homes and tenancy agreements to even buying a home. There is information to help you when you move in and how to keep your home once you have got it. Things to remember and details on settling in to your new home. To finally guiding you through the moving out process and the things you need to do.

The useful contacts section at the back lists all the different organisations that you can contact for help. If you've got any questions or aren't sure about what you're entitled to, don't be afraid to ask that's what they are there for!

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.