Empty properties

At Eden we put tackling empty properties high on our list of priorities. Each dwelling which is standing empty is seen as a wasted resource to the community and the owner. Within Eden we have a growing demand for homes, either for buy or rent.

We wish to see empty properties brought back into use as soon as possible. This is because it is generally cheaper to repair an empty property than to build new homes. A property left empty and neglected for considerable time can bring problems to an area. For example; vandalism, squatters, rodents and nuisance. As well as being detrimental to the local environment. There are also economic advantages to owners in bringing a property back into use:

  • They can enjoy rental revenue and reduced insurance premiums;
  • reduced maintenance and repair costs and;
  • a reduction in VAT costs if the property is returned to occupation.

We are looking at ways in which we may be able to provide help for empty property repairs. We can offer advice on the different options. By providing details on letting, selling and private leasing schemes.

Why report an empty property

We would like to hear from you about empty properties you know about. It may be that you feel that it could be brought into use for someone's benefit, or that it has some impact on your life. The way in which empty properties impact on your life can include:

  • Affecting the price and desirability of your property.
  • Ruining the look of your village, or neighbourhood.
  • Ruining your property, for example, by causing it to become damp.
  • Providing a place for antisocial gatherings.
  • Harbouring an infestation of pests.

How to report an empty property

You can report an empty property to the Housing Team on the contact details below.

When you report an empty property it will help if you can give us the following details:

  • Your address and contact details for ease of communication and business analysis.
  • The address including postcode of the empty property.
  • Known details of the owners.
  • The circumstances causing it to have become, and remain, empty.
  • How it affects your life.
  • How you think it could be reused.

Reporting an empty property

You can report an empty property to any of the following:

You local parish council (strongly recommended).

Your local ward councillor.

Your Member of Parliament.

To the Housing Team on the contact details below:

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.