Superfast broadband

Who is responsible for bringing superfast broadband to Cumbria?

Connecting Cumbria are responsible for bringing superfast broadband to Cumbria. Connecting Cumbria is a partnership between Cumbria County Council and BT. Its aims are to bring fibre broadband to as many Cumbrian residents, businesses and visitors as quickly as possible with the funds available. The project is being funded by Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), Cumbria County Council and BT.

Go to the Connecting Cumbria website to find out more.

See when and where on the Connecting Cumbria website to see if you can get faster broadband.

Will every property get superfast broadband in Cumbria?

No, it is not possible for every property to get superfast broadband. The aim is to reach 95% of the properties.

Are there alternatives for the 5% who cannot get superfast broadband?

Yes, there are alternatives to superfast broadband.

What are the alternatives to FTTC or Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)?

ADSL broadband

If you have a telephone in your property, you will probably be able to get ADSL broadband. This is through your existing telephone line. To do a provisional check of the telephone line's ability to receive reliable Broadband services enter your telephone number, postcode, or address into BT's broadband availability checker.

Mobile telephone broadband

If you receive a good mobile telephone signal at your property, you could connect to the internet by using a dongle or a SIM if using a tablet. The dongle plugs into a USB connection on your computer and a SIM inserted into your tablet. Check the coverage in your area by using Ofcom's mobile broadband coverage checker.

Satellite broadband

You will need a satellite dish installed. The satellite internet service provider you decide to use as part of the installation fee normally sets up dishes. There can be a slight delay (latency) in receiving some information. Weather can affect satellite broadband.

Wireless delivery from radio masts

You need a smart antenna installed by a broadband supplier to receive broadband from a radio mast. Positioning of the antenna is outside of your property. It needs to be in line-of-sight of a transmitting radio mast. Connection of the radio mast is via the fibre-optic network. The wireless router in your home plugs into the antenna. This is just as it would if you got your broadband through the telephone line.

Local based broadband alternatives

Yes, Kencomp is the only locally based broadband provider.

Go to the Kencomp website - microwave radio networks - available in Mallerstang and surrounding area.

Pressure or local interest group

Northern Fells Broadband served the communities of the seven parishes over many years. They fought for the provision of the best broadband services possible for the area. The group has closed down as they feel they have taken the project as far as they can.

There are no other pressure groups that we know of.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.